November 16, 2021

Dear Students,

Thank you to the almost 900 of you who completed the Student Government Association’s recent survey on the current COVID-Restricted Residence Hall Guest/Visitor Policy. The results indicated overwhelming support for allowing guests (non-Springfield College students) in the residence halls. We are proud to see your level of engagement on an issue that you consider important. A special thank you to the SGA, Residence Life, and Student Activities staff for their contributions to this important conversation. 

As you have seen on our COVID-19 dashboard, we continue to have a low positivity rate on campus. In light of our success and in consideration of the SGA survey results, we revisited the COVID-Restricted Residence Hall Guest/Visitor Policy earlier than our planned timeline of the end of the Fall semester. Effective Thursday, November 18th, guests will be allowed in the residence halls. Guests are defined as non-Springfield College students. We  expect all guests who are eligible, be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus or meet the requirements of a medical or religious exemption. 

Guests must be masked in the common areas of the residence halls at all times and follow all residence hall and College policies.  Students wishing to have overnight guests must receive prior approval from their roommate(s). In addition, they are required to register their guests and attest that the guest(s) is vaccinated and is prepared to show proof of vaccination.  Per policy, residents are held responsible for the behaviors of their guest(s); this includes all COVID-related requirements for masking. No individual student may have more than one overnight guest at any given time. In the next day or so, the Office of Housing and Residence Life will email residents reminders of the specifics of the Residence Hall Guest/Visitor Policy. 

The change in the  COVID-Restricted Residence Hall Guest/Visitor Policy provides us an opportunity to carefully move toward a more familiar residential student experience. It is our hope that the opportunity for students to have friends and families visit will contribute to their mental wellbeing. 

The student voice is important to us. We appreciate your engagement and encourage you to be responsible in your decision making so we continue to slow the spread of COVID-19. Please consider taking advantage of the free pre/post Thanksgiving Break Optional COVID-19 on-campus testing. Please visit the Covid-19 testing page for dates and times. 

As our priority continues to be the health and safety of the College community, we will closely monitor our COVID-19 positivity rate. If our numbers increase, reverting back to a more restrictive policy may be necessary.  We will also continue to follow guidelines shared by the Massachusetts Commissioner of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Slandie Dieujuste, PhD
Vice President for Student Affairs

Mary-Ann Coughlin, DPE
Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Patrick Love, PhD
Associate Vice President for Administration