Michelle Tsang, MSW/JD, Class of 2017

Distinguished Graduate Student, 2016-17

Springfield College School of Social Work and Behavioral Sciences

Michelle Tsang, an outstanding student and scholar who completed the Social Work dual-degree program, is the 2016-17 Distinguished Social Work Graduate Student.

In the dual-degree program, which is a collaboration between the Springfield College social work program and Western New England University School of Law. Tsang attained a 4.0 GPA  and a 3.0 at the law school.

Both schools recognized her with a number of honors, including a graduate fellowship and designation as a Public Interest Scholar at the law school.

While a student, Tsang was a member of several bar associations and was an active member of the National Lawyers Guild. For one of her social welfare class assignments, Tsang completed an exceptional review of the New York Fair Chance Act, which provides opportunities to formerly incarcerated individuals. 

Her social work internships have reflected her interests in youth, young adults, and social justice. She first interned at the Educational Collaborative in Northampton, Mass., a program for youth who are not thriving in traditional educational settings. Next, Tsang further developed her counseling skills in the After Incarceration Support Services program of the Hampden County (Mass.) Sheriff's Department.

Tsang has a passion—both intellectually and from a practical standpoint—for representing and advocating on behalf of people who have been marginalized and disenfranchised. Tsang says her quest for social justice has been, and will continue to be, a lifelong pursuit. She is currently an attorney with the Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services, a longstanding career goal that she has achieved. 

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