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You can make a difference during this crisis – The Tuition Assistance Fund

Due to the devastating effects of the pandemic, many current students have filed financial hardship appeals requesting additional aid. Many of these students have a parent who has lost a job or been furloughed, while others have reported a loved one who has contracted COVID-19, causing significant upheaval in the family unit.

In response to this unprecedented situation, Springfield College is making available one-time grants to students for the 2020-2021 academic year. These grants are intended to bridge the gap, allowing these affected students to return in the fall, while their families try to recover.

Your support

A gift to the Tuition Assistance Fund will directly impact students and their families facing financial challenges due to the pandemic. Your support will allow a student to return to Springfield College in the fall and make progress toward their degree.

This critical tuition assistance program is vital to retaining many students at Springfield this coming year and on their academic track to graduate.

Click here to help a Springfield College student today.