Thomas “Frewy” Frew ’74

A Springfield College student-athlete wears much more than the fabric of a uniform. When you don the maroon and white you are now a representative of an institution deeply steeped in the tradition of fair play, perseverance, success, and the three sides of the triangle: spirit, mind, and body. You are a representative who is recognized globally for excellence in athletics and to the service of others.  

I learned quickly at Springfield College that a desire to win would be managed through team and personal sportsmanship. I played soccer for three years for Irv Schmid, who taught an aggressive, skillful, and tactical game. He taught us that when it was all over—win, lose or draw—you shook hands with your opponent in a sincere and respectful way. That was one of many life lessons we learned.

Through all of my successes on the field, including our team going undefeated in summer competition in Bermuda and earning the number one ranking in New England in all divisions, a lifelong comradery began forming with my teammates. Success does that to a team unit.  

Every time I slipped into the #16 jersey, I thought to myself, “This is one fewer time I will put this on. I don’t want it to end.” Athletically, it was the greatest time in my life. Springfield College holds such a special place in my heart. Anyone who wears THE jersey today should thank God for the opportunity to represent this great college.