Maura Murphy
Current First-year Student, Cross Country

What does it mean to be a student-athlete at Springfield College?

A student-athlete means having the ability to balance performing well in both your sport and in class. You are not meant to have one outweigh the other, but to work hard in both and to be a well-rounded individual. It also is a privilege to represent the school at meets. Therefore, I am held to a high standard by my school, coaches, and teammates to be a good student and to behave as a positive role model to others. 

What is your most impactful experience as a student-athlete?

My most impactful experience has been being a part of the Honors Student Council here. Springfield College encourages me to not have my whole college experience revolve around sports. The College has provided me with so many opportunities to be involved and to improve myself and the school. The college-wide Honors Program is brand new this year, and I have the privilege to be a part of it, as well as serve on the Honors Student Council. I feel proud to be a member of that and so excited that, even as a first-year, I do have a voice within the school.

How have you grown as a leader and what does it mean to be a member of the cross country program?

The cross country program here is the most supportive and caring team environment I’ve ever had. We are listened to and treated as equals and contributing members of the team from the start. Another fantastic opportunity was being offered a spot as a member of the Student-Athlete Leadership Team. There, we grow as leaders by providing input as student-athletes, and we constantly are taking part in service projects. I’ve learned that a big part of being a leader is giving back to the community and being a good example to others around me.

How has being a student-athlete at Springfield College helped you develop as a person?

Being a student-athlete has definitely made me develop into a better person. I have met people through my team that I can have fun with, but who also are constantly pushing me to do better in sports and in school. We have team study halls where I get a lot of work done, and the older kids on the team are always offering to do outside tutoring for classes, such as chemistry. I look up to my teammates as role models for how I should be as a student-athlete. They have become my best friends and my support system here at school, and I know I am a better person for competing and spending time with my cross country team.