Director's Welcome

Honors Program students, prospective students, families and friends:

Welcome to our new Honors Program! We began constructing this program fall 2018, with our first cohort of students beginning fall 2019. We’ve designed rich, engaging learning experiences, in and out of the classroom, for Honors Program students and for the wider college community. 

To the students who are part of our historic first cohort: having read your application materials closely, I know you don’t need encouragement to challenge yourself. Instead I’ll encourage you to be patient with the learning process, and with yourselves. Master artist Michelangelo embraced a motto popular in his contemporary Renaissance Italy: ancora imparo, “I am still learning.”

Anch’io (“Me, too”).

Isn’t it wonderful that we don’t have to be Michelangelos or Emily Dickinsons, Katherine Johnsons or Albert Einsteins, to experience the rewards of curiosity and inquiry?

To prospective and current students who are interested in our program, I would love to tell you more about our program, our faculty, and meet with you on campus. And to the families and friends of students, please watch us as we grow, and help us by modeling to our students what lifelong learning looks like.


Rebecca Lartigue, PhD
Director, Honors Program
Professor of English, Department of Literature, Writing, and Journalism

The Honors Program welcomes its first cohort of students fall 2019. The twenty-nine scholars from the classes of 2023 and 2024 represent over a dozen majors.

The Springfield College Honors Program is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Northeast Regional Honors Council.

Honors Program Advisory
Committee 2019-20

Joseph Berger
Ian Delahanty
Mackenzie Dunn
Allison Gagne
Leigh-Anne Gomes
Robert Gruber
Chris Hakala
Rebecca Lartigue
Ariel Rodriguez
Martin Shell
Sofija Zagarins