A Community of Learners

Devon Rosier
(Business Management, Class of 2023)

Being in the Honors Program at Springfield College has provided me with so many great opportunities to expand both my learning as well as my relationships with professors, faculty, and other students. The Honors Program is a welcoming and inspiring community of people who all want to see you succeed and thrive in your endeavors, which has made the transition into college much smoother. The classes that I have taken through the Honors Program have stimulated new interests that I am excited to dive deeper into during my next three years. What I love most about the Honors Program is the acceptance that the students and faculty have for one another and the passion and excitement surrounding the program.

Opportunities for Research

Qi Li
(Health Science--Pre-Physical Therapy, Class of 2023)

I never imagined that I could do an independent study when I was a sophomore. Fortunately, I met Dr. Melinda Fowler, who was my Anatomy Concept professor when I was a freshman. The most important thing was Dr. Fowler gave me an opportunity to help her conduct research while I worked on my independent study. During the research process, we encountered a lot of problems. We worked through them together with 100-percent passion. I learned new skills in research, data analysis, communication, and time management skills, etc. With this unique and impressive experience, I improved and enriched myself in different aspects with the help of Dr. Fowler.

Also, Dr. Fowler recommended me for the Springfield College Honors Program, which changed my college life. I thought my college life would be boring and filled with textbooks and terminologies, but joining the Honors Program makes my college life colorful. I also made a lot of friends who are members of the Honors Program. By talking with them, I am more confident about my English now.

Honors Program at Springfield College