Independent Research

Allie Koshes (Health Science ’17)

"During my undergraduate studies as a health science major, I had the privilege to work alongside my knowledgeable advisors to pursue independent research projects. I presented at two conferences at Hunter College in New York City and participated in Scholars in Action Day at Springfield College. My advisors guided my way through the entire research process - from finalizing my research topic to creating my final presentation.

Working alongside distinguished faculty allowed me to have a greater appreciation of my academic role. Although I was a student, I was able to work with my professors and create a professional relationship that will last me years to come. There were many times where I felt uncertain in my abilities and the strength of my research; however, my advisors always kept me on track and were there to push me in the right direction. At the end of the process, there is no feeling compared to showcasing the finished product of your hard work. Because of my research experiences, I became a better student and developed a more refined thirst for knowledge. Conducting independent research has made me feel more confident as a person and has prepared me for success in my Master of Science program."

Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Experiences

Jessica Skov (Health Science--Pre-Physician Assistant, Class of 2019)

"Since my first year at Springfield, I have been involved with the Campus Activities Board. Last November, I was selected to attend the National Association for Campus Activities conference with other members of the club. Our school was chosen as a finalist in its Excellence in Programming award. The 12 school finalists designated a group from their cohort to present at the conference to students, professionals, and a panel of judges.

I, along with three other students, collaborated to create an engaging presentation based on marketing, budgeting, and planning of specific events on our campus. The four of us came from various educational backgrounds, including sports management, recreation management, and physician assistant programs. We brought different strengths and perspectives to the team, and our efforts and dedication allowed us to bring home the win for our club and campus.

Presenting at a professional conference allowed me the opportunity to work with peers with whom I typically would not join forces due to our courses of study. This experience is one that has contributed to the well-rounded, interdisciplinary education that Springfield College has provided me, and one that I would recommend to any student looking to enrich their journey here!"

Travel and Out-of-Class Experiences

Hogan Tomkunas (Social Sciences--History, Class of 2020)

Throughout my time at Springfield College, I have had the incredible benefit of learning through hands-on experiences. As a history major, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit museums around Springfield to get a true sense of the topic we learned about during class. I also took class trips to Boston to observe monuments and other significant historical artifacts that relate directly to the classwork. In addition, I had the opportunity to intern for a semester in a museum where I took part in the day-to-day operations. I got a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes that everyday visitors never see. As I minor in public history and museum studies, this experience was crucial to my education and helped me further my interests in history and museums.

In addition to my out-of-classroom learning, I also have been fortunate enough to experience the incredible culture and history of England. Through a spring break trip offered by the College I was able to fulfill my dream of traveling to England while having many of the destinations mapped out and planned for me. This experience was one that I will never forget because I was able to learn so much, all while being allowed time to roam the city on my own with friends. My professors have created such valuable opportunities for students whether it has to do with their major or just something outside of the curriculum that is of interest to the student.

Honors Program at Springfield College