Student and Alumni Profiles | Springfield College

Student and Alumni Profiles

A Community of Learners

James Russo
(Applied Exercise Science, Class of 2025)
The Honors program has opened my eyes to new people and opportunities that have shaped the greater parts of my college career. I have developed strong relationships with other ambitious students and professors, which expanded my knowledge and perspective. Springfield College stresses the importance of community, but the Honors Program feels more like a family. The students choose the honors courses so that we can create our college experience. As a sophomore, I had the opportunity to complete an independent research project about protein intake in competitive bodybuilding. This is a topic I will learn a little about in class so I can focus on what fascinates me the most. Overall, the honors program is an excellent prospect for students like me to grow and expand my horizons, further than I could have imagined!

Opportunities for Growth

Sabrina Moore
(History, Class of 2023)

Being an Honors student at Springfield College was one of the best decisions I made during my college career. Being a part of this program allowed me to engage in many opportunities that enabled me to grow as an individual and scholar, mainly due to the welcoming environment fostered by the students, faculty, and staff members in the program.

Some of my greatest academic achievements came from courses like Ireland and the World with Professor Ian Delahanty, my independent guided study with philosophy Professor Bob Gruber, and Out-of-Class Learning Experiences. With these experiences, I refined my skills to the point where I felt confident applying to summer internships and graduate programs.

After graduating in May 2023, I was part of the Mystic Seaport Museum's Reimaging New England History Summer Internship Program, and I began a master’s program at NYU in fall 2023. All of this resulted from my being surrounded by supportive people who wanted to see me succeed, which the Honors program is filled with, and I'll miss being around them constantly.