Human Performance Lab | Springfield College

The Human Performance Lab at Springfield College provides an exciting space for students and faculty to conduct research, explore innovation, conduct fitness and health testing, and make a difference in wellness and performance, among many other areas. 

The 1,650-square-foot research and testing facility, spaced across two rooms on the second floor of the Physical Education Complex, offers ample opportunities to conduct research under the guidance of experienced faculty and also provides students with extensive experiential learning.

The Human Performance Lab is home to a variety of resources, tools, and equipment that students and faculty members use to conduct research on all aspects of wellness and performance.

In the near future, visitors to campus can access the Human Performance Lab through the The Wellness Institute at Springfield College to gain information on their overall health, performance, and well-being. The Wellness Institute will offer athletic performance testing of a variety of physical and physiological assessments that will be available for purchase.

Springfield College research Study

Check out the research being done in the Human Performance Lab by students and faculty. 

Springfield College VO2 air test students

Explore the equipment and other resources available in the Human Performance Lab.

Dr. Headley working in the Human Performance Lab with students

Learn more about the world-class faculty in the Human Performance Lab. 

Springfield College Exercise Science and Physiology on bike

Students work with cutting-edge tools at Springfield College.