It's time to take the the NSSE survey

First-years and Seniors: Just Say It

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Are you a first-year or senior student? Your voice can help make a difference in the future direction of Springfield College. All we need from you is 15 minutes and your opinion—we’ll take it from there.



How to Take the NSSE



Option One

Check your email. That's right: the NSSE will be emailed directly to you. Click the link inside for the best (and easiest!) way to take the survey.

Option Two

Having trouble finding your NSSE email? Take the survey through the links below.

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What is NSSE?

NSSE—you may hear it pronounced “Nessie,” and it stands for National Survey of Student Engagement—is a short survey in which first-year and senior students across the nation are asked to participate. During the questionnaire, you’ll answer questions about what it’s like to be a Springfield College student. And you should be honest (your responses are confidential).

How long will this take?

On average, the NSSE takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Why should I help?

You’ll make a difference. Seriously. Just by answering questions, you can help influence the future of Springfield College by offering important data to faculty and administrators about your experience here.

Who can participate?

First-year and senior students. If you get an email about NSSE, you’re eligible.

When does the survey start?

Now. In fact, you’ve probably already received your first email. You’ll receive a few reminders, but the sooner you fill it out, the sooner we can make use of your input.

What will the survey tell you?

Using the data that’s submitted, we can compare the first-year experience to the senior experience, figure out how we rank against other like schools, and determine what we’re doing well and where we can do better.

In 2016, we offered this survey, and here’s how students said their experience at Springfield College impacted them.

89% of seniors said the College helped them develop critical and analytical thinking skills
85% of seniors said Springfield College helped them learn to work effectively with others
83% of seniors said the College pushed them to acquire job- or work-related skills
90% of first-year students said they loved their Springfield College experience

Oh, and one more thing.

Tell your friends about NSSE, too!