2015 Physician Assistant White Coat Ceremony


The Springfield College Physician Assistant Program hosted the annual White Coat Ceremony inside the Fuller Arts Center on Friday, Oct. 9.  The White Coat Ceremony commemorates the formal presentation of the white lab coat for physician assistant students as they begin working with patients in hospitals.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the physician assistant students take the Physician Assistant Professional Oath:

Physician Assistant Professional Oath

I pledge to perform the following duties with honesty and dedication:

I will hold as my primary responsibility the health, safety, welfare and dignity of all human beings

I will uphold the tenets of patient autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence and justice

I will recognize and promote the value of diversity

I will treat all persons who seek my care 

I will hold in confidence the information shared in the course of practicing medicine

I will assess my personal capabilities and limitations, striving always to improve my medical practice

I will actively seek to expand my knowledge and skills, keeping abreast of advances in medicine

I will work with other members of the health care team to provide compassionate and effective care of patients

I will use my knowledge and experience to contribute to an improved community

I will respect my professional relationship with the physician

I will share and expand knowledge within the profession

These duties are pledged with sincerity and upon my honor. 

Master of Ceremonies    

Charles M. Milch, MHP, MBA, PA-C


President Mary-Beth A. Cooper, PhD, DM

Keynote Speaker

Kenzi Holden, PA-C Class of 2014 

Recognition of Candidates 

Daniel Watkins, MS, PA-C, Assistant Professor

Carine Seeve, MD, Assistant Professor

Meghan Migeon, MS, PA-C, Assistant Professor

Roxanne Sprague, MCMSc, PA-C, Assistant Professor

Administration of Oath

John A. Hangasky Jr., MS, PA-C, Associate Professor 

Marilyn L. Cohen Award Presentation

Suzette Wood, Director of the Learning in Later Life Program

Music provided by Gail E. Weirick


Nicole Authelet

Mackenzie Babb

Ciara Bennett

Taylor Berube

Nicole Boisvert

Jessica Cerrato

Kristina Cicalis

Fiona Cole

Samuel Cooke

Larissa Costa

Andrew DeCusati

Erica DeMello

Ryan Dodge

Brooke Gauthier

Megan Giec

Dana Hebert

Victoria Hinckley

Jessie Klauer

Candice Lamoureux

Allison Lapointe

Brianna Lawlor

Hope Lounsbury

Mary Catherine Maher

Rachael Mardirosian

Marley McFadden

Anne Nguyen

Nam Nguyen

Kerry Purcell

Juanitta Quist

Carly Roy

Hannah Sambataro

Erica Sheehan

Amanada Therrien

Michelle Turner

Desiree Villeneuve

Jennifer Vo

Jennie Webb

Stephanie Wheeler

Jonathan Zirna