Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement Groundbreaking


At left, Charlene Elvers (Springfield College Volunteer Programs), Joan Simmons (Springfield College faculty), Mary-Beth Cooper (Springfield College President), Ryan Carrie (Springfield College student), Mayor Sarno and Barbara Gresham (Old Hill Neighborhood Council).


Springfield College officially kicked off the renovation of the Springfield College Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, located at 235 Eastern Avenue in Springfield, with a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, September 29. 

The center will match the needs of the community with areas that are most aligned with institutional priorities, skills and talents – predominantly around the themes of education and health/wellness. Perhaps mostly importantly, this center will link the issues that Springfield College students care about with the things they believe they can change, providing a platform to develop students as leaders in service to humanity.

The Center will provide an environment where the community can participate as equals in the creation and development of strong community bonds. The Center also has the potential to provide the resources for students to take action on the issues they care about, providing a platform to develop students as leaders in service to humanity. 

"I'm not surprised by this initiative, it's in Springfield College's DNA," said Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno. "I commend Springfield College President Mary-Beth Cooper, the Board of Trustees, staff and students for their continued outreach in enhancing and building community of one. This most recent effort helps us all better understand, respect and learn from one another. Especially to our youths, this center will increase educational and career opportunities."