Saluting the Class of 2020 Through the Lens of Flickr

Class of 2020

Class of 2020 members take part in their first official event on the campus during the 2016 New Student Convocation hosted in Blake Arena on Sept. 2, 2016. 


Springfield College Salutes the Class of 2020 as we take a trip down memory lane looking back at photo galleries captured from events during the previous four years.

The Springfield College Class of 2020 received one of their first official welcomes to the campus community during the Accepted Student Open House event in the spring of 2016.

On Sept. 2, 2016, the Class of 2020 started their academic careers with the annual New Student Convocation ceremony in Blake Arena. Students joined their families during the ceremony, which officially started New Student Orientation weekend.

On Sept. 10, 2016, the Springfield College Class of 2020 members received their first invite to the President's Residence as part of an Ice Cream Social event concluding their first two weeks of classes on the campus. 

In late September of 2016, the Class of 2020 officially welcomed their families back to the campus for their first Family Weekend on a beautiful New England fall day.

Springfield College hosts its annual Stepping Up Day Ceremony and Student Recognition Awards each April and we take a look back at the Class of 2020 climbing the steps each year. With Stepping Up Day, the first-year students take a step up, sophomores become juniors, juniors become seniors, and seniors become alumni. The spring of 1926 saw the first Stepping Up Day, which replaced the old "Decapitation Day" exercises, when the freshmen were allowed to remove their green beanies.

The Class of 2020 was introduced to the Humanics in Action program in the fall of 2016 taking part in multiple community service projects throughout the Springfield community. 

Entering their senior year, the Class of 2020 student leaders helped welcome the Class of 2023 at the New Student Convocation in Blake Arena.

In the fall of 2019, members of the Class of 2020 student leaders helped welcome prospective students at the annual Prospective Student Open House in the Field House.  

Class of 2020 Student Leaders assisted with multiple events led by the Springfield College Men of Excellence student club.

The Class of 2020 was well represented as part of the Vagina Monologue performances in the Fuller Arts Center in February of 2020.  The multiple sold-out shows were led by multiple Class of 2020 student leaders. 

The Class of 2020 was well represented as part of the annual Best of Broadway student-led performances during the 2019-20 academic year.