Springfield College Announces New Scholarship Program with RaiseMe


Springfield College is excited to announce a new scholarship program in partnership with RaiseMe, focused on expanding access to higher education by making college scholarships more accessible, and by awarding them earlier, to high school students.

"We are very sensitive to the issue of college affordability,” said Springfield College Vice President for Enrollment Management Stuart Jones. “That's why we are committed to doing something about it. We want to help high school students earn scholarship and grant money now to Springfield College for the great things they are doing in high school, and not only after they apply and get accepted. This is a very unique and very early way to help high school students that most colleges are not doing.”

Starting as early as ninth​ grade, students across the country now have the opportunity to earn micro-scholarships, or incremental achievement-based scholarships, from Springfield College for a wide range of activities including getting good grades, volunteering in the community, or participating in extracurricular activities. By partnering with RaiseMe, Springfield College is continuing upon its commitment to improve clarity and access around financial aid for students at every point throughout high school. In addition, the new program allows students to track specific goals they want to accomplish throughout high school, helping them become more competitive college applicants and more successful college students.

"We are excited to welcome Springfield College to RaiseMe's micro-scholarship platform,” said Katie Mooney, Vice President of College Partnerships at RaiseMe. “We look forward to this new partnership supporting more high school students in the Northeast and nationally as they build their path to college. Springfield's longstanding commitment to college readiness and student success makes them a perfect new addition to RaiseMe's platform."

Together, Springfield College and RaiseMe are dedicated to creating new opportunities for students by enabling them to earn scholarship dollars during their high school career and learn about the kinds of behaviors that will empower them to be successful students in high school, college, and beyond.

About RaiseMe

RaiseMe is on a mission to expand access to higher education by transforming the way billions of dollars in college scholarships are distributed each year. Rather than waiting until the end of high school to award scholarships, which is too late to impact students’ college ambitions or application decisions, RaiseMe enables students to earn college scholarships throughout high school, based on their individual progress and development. Whether it’s getting good grades, volunteering in the community, or leading a club, students on RaiseMe receive scholarships based on their unique skills and experience. Since launching in the fall of 2014, students in one out of every two high schools in America have earned more than $1 billion in scholarships from 265+ colleges, including Arizona State University, University of Chicago, University of Rochester, Northeastern, Tulane and Georgia Tech. Students, educators, and parents can learn more at raise.me/join/springfield.