Exercise Science and Sport Studies Associate Professor Keynote Speaker at Sport Professionals’ Experiences and Research Conference


Springfield College Exercise Science and Sport Studies Associate Professor Jasmin Hutchinson was recently the keynote speaker at the 8th Annual Sport Professionals’ Experiences and Research (SPEAR) Conference organized by the Sport Psychology Organization and Research Team (SPORT) at Florida State University. Hutchinson’s presentations were titled, Effort Perception and Attentional Processes: A Psychophysiological Approach, and Never Gonna Give You Up: Effects of Music and Music-Video During Exercise.

The SPEAR conference aims to bring together respected scholars, coaches, athletes, and performers to contribute unique insights into the science of sports. The 2016 conference theme was “Physical Activity, Behavior Change, and Well-Being.” 

“Having received my PhD from Florida State University, it was a great honor to be invited back to give a keynote address,” said Hutchinson. “It doesn't seem so long ago that I was a student in the same program, so it was great to connect with the current sport and exercise psychology students and see their passion for the field.” 

SPORT is a student-led graduate organization developed to foster professional development within the field of sport and exercise psychology. The organization promotes the development of competent practitioners and academicians by facilitating student research, promoting public outreach, hosting conferences, and offering professional development workshops.

SPORT has two main audiences: sport psychology graduate students and the general undergraduate population. While graduate SPORT students work with athletes and conduct wide-ranging research, the undergraduate population spreads an understanding of sport psychology and the topics addressed in the field.