Springfield College Math Buddies Program a Success


math buddies

Members of the Springfield College Early Childhood Math Methods class recently took part in a learning exercise focused on teaching kids how to use geometric shapes when creating math projects. The exercise was part of the Math Buddies Program and allowed the kids to make paper astronauts that they could present to the group.

“The Math Buddies Program is a three way collaboration that involves pre-service teachers from the early childhood licensure program at Springfield College, the preschool students from the Springfield College Child Development Center, and the families of these children,” said Springfield College Associate Professor of Education Eileen Cyr.

Following the completion of the astronauts, the youngsters were allowed to show their finished work to the group and everyone posed for a group photo to symbolize the completion of the exercise.

“Each preschooler is assigned a math buddy who engages him/her in developmentally appropriate number sense activities,” said Cyr. “The pre-service teacher then sends a journal home with his/her buddy and explains the day's activity and offers extension activities to be tried at home. The families then reflect about their at home math activities in these journals.”

Judging by the smiles on the kid’s faces at the end of the project, the math buddies program proved to be a success for kids, faculty and staff.