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Top 10 Reasons to Major in Art Therapy at Springfield College

What sets us apart?

We'll break down the top 10 reasons why studying art therapy at Springfield College is different than at other institutions.

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  1. Specialized Courses
    Art therapy and art education students take specialized courses that emphasize working with many different populations in the field.

  2. Experienced Faculty
    All of our faculty members have experience in the art therapy and art education fields and can provide students with a wealth of knowledge and practical application.

  3. Flexibility
    As part of the art therapy major, students they can double major or minor in related academic areas. 

  4. Practical Application
    Every student is required to complete a pre-practicum and practicum where they had a professional and gain experience in educational or wellness-focused settings.

  5. Graduate School Opportunity
    After graduation, undergraduate art therapy students can apply to the Springfield College graduate art therapy/counseling program in order to meet the educational requirements for registration and board certification as an art therapist. Learn more about what our graduates go on to do.

  6. Personal Attention
    Small class size allows for individual attention and mentoring by caring faculty members.

  7. Expressive Environment
    Art therapy students are encouraged to express themselves through the creation of art and have the chance to create art in almost all art therapy-based classes.

  8. Informative and Interesting Guest Lectures
    Students have the opportunity to attend guest lectures and workshops with leaders, innovators, and pioneers in the field of art therapy and art education.

  9. Art Materials Supplied
    After a minimal initial purchase of required art supplies, the department will provide the remainder of the supplies for student art, art therapy, and art education classes.

  10. Open Art Studies
    Classes are held in large art studios that promote collaborative creative engagement.

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