5 reasons to major in English | Springfield College

5 reasons to major in English

English majors at Springfield College…

  1. Develop valuable communication and critical thinking skills.
    We live in a global, technological age in which the ability to persuade, argue, and express ideas well is of paramount importance. Our students learn not only to communicate clearly and effectively, but to critique, analyze, and respond to arguments in a persuasive manner. 
  2. Enrich life by contributing to the artistic community.
    English majors see value in the arts and imagination. Reflecting on the world and their place in it, English majors gain new insights and perspectives: they learn to see the world in new ways and help others to do so, too. In addition to appreciating the arts, English majors contribute to the artistic community through their talent with language and self-expression. 
  3. Have a variety of career options.
    Majoring in English can prepare students for careers in education, journalism, publishing, advertising, technical or creative writing, or editing. Law schools, graduate programs, and nonprofit organizations especially value English majors for their highly developed skills in critical thinking, researching, and communicating. 
  4. Learn from highly qualified and dedicated faculty members.
    Our professors are experts; they are active scholars and writers who continue to contribute to their field by attending professional conferences, publishing books, and sharing their research. Coupled with their high academic qualifications, our faculty members are also incredibly dedicated and caring teachers and mentors. 
  5. Have a variety of opportunities to explore their subject and gain experience.
    From professional development such as internships, to international travel opportunities, students are encouraged to explore the subjects that interest them most. Campus publications such as the Alden Street Review, The Student, and The Pride Sports Journal, give students the chance to try their hand at a variety of writing styles. Students who excel in their field also have the opportunity to join Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society. 

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