Through the physical education major, students will be prepared to become a licensed teacher in just four years. They’ll spend time in the classroom student-teaching, so they can put their knowledge into practice and gain invaluable on-the-job experience that will benefit them once they enter their career. After graduation, students will be ready and able to begin teaching physical education to grades PreK through 12 in Massachusetts schools.

And, our graduates are successful in their career pursuits after graduation.

Below are a few organizations where our recent graduates have been employed. 


  • Clifford Granger Elementary School (MA)
  • Dwight School (NY)
  • Fessenden School (MA)
  • Franklin Avenue Elementary School (MA)
  • Grafton Middle School (MA)
  • Mary Walsh Elementary School (MA)
  • Mt. Greylock High School (MA)
  • Newbury Elementary School (MA)
  • Platt High School (CT)
  • Pollard Middle School (MA)
  • St. Michael's Academy (MA)