Springfield College Physician Assistant Graduate program is offered in two different tracks.  

Track One: Direct Entry 

The direct entry track begins when a student enters Springfield College as a first-year undergraduate student in the physician assistant studies program. Through our six-year track (pre-professional phase), you’ll enter Springfield College as a first-year student, and in six years, you’ll earn a Bachelor of Science in health science/pre-PA and complete the master’s-level physician assistant program. You’ll enter the professional phase of the program in January of your senior year. The Bachelor of Science in health science/pre-PA is awarded in May of the fourth year. The Master of Science degree is awarded at the conclusion of the physician assistant program.

UNDERGRAD PORTION First-Year Rate (2020-2021) x4 Years
Tuition $39,930  
Fees $550  
  $40,480 $161,920

Tuition and fees for the undergrad portion would be reduced by a student's undergraduate financial aid.

GRAD PORTION                
  Summer Year 1 Fall Year 1 Spring Year 1* Summer Year 2 Fall Year 2 Spring Year 2 Total  
Credits Taken per Term 17 16 15 16 17 17    
Tuition $18,785 $17,680 $16,575 $17,680 $18,785 $18,785    
Fees - $193 $193 - $193 $193    
  $18,785 $17,873 $16,768 $19,680 $21,978 $21,978 $117,062 Gross

Less $8,000 grant each academic year*, will be $10,000 per year for the incoming class of 2020-2021

($2,666) ($2,667) ($2,667) ($2,666) ($2,667) (2,667)    
$16,119 $15,206 $14,101 $17,014 $19,311 $19,311 $101,062 Net

Spring Year 1 may be 14 credits depending on the location of the ACLS course (EMSM 251).

Track Two: Graduate Entry

Please note: the majority of our students enter the physician assistant program through the six-year track with a full cohort of students being accepted each school year. 

Approximate cost
(112 credits needed): 
Add approximate practicum:


Approximate gross cost: $133,760

Refer to graduate scholarship opportunities only. PA students are advised not to take fellowship/associateships due to academic demands of this programs.