S-Cubed | Springfield College

S-Cubed is a Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education-approved program for teachers who currently work in the Springfield Public School System and are looking to receive their post-baccalaureate initial teaching licensure.

The program, which can be completed in just one year for licensure (24 credits), offers a unique partnership between Springfield College and Springfield Public Schools in that students enrolled in the program will receive $5,000 from Springfield Public Schools toward their tuition. Additionally, upon successful completion of the initial licensure program through S-Cubed, participants are eligible to take, at a special reduced tuition rate of (approximately a 40 percent reduction), the three additional courses that are required to earn a Master of Education degree at Springfield College.

This isn’t your typical graduate program. Our program combines your classroom experience, on-site coaching, Web-enhanced courses, after-school seminar, on-site visits from your professors, and full-day workshops to ensure you’re getting the most out of your educational experience.

Wondering how to find out if you’re eligible for S-Cubed? All candidates must meet the below qualifications for consideration.

  • Be employed by Springfield Public Schools as a math, science, or moderate disabilities teacher at a Level 3 or Level 4 school
  • Hold a valid and current Preliminary teaching license through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MA DESE) or have passed all Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure (MTEL) to be eligible for a Preliminary license
  • Commitment to teach in a Springfield Public School in a Level 3 or Level 4 school for five years

As an S-Cubed graduate, you will be an instrument of change and essential to bringing your school out of underperforming status. You will have formed a long-lasting professional learning community and you will continue to collaborate with your other cohort members for years to come. You will become a member of a cadre of devoted teachers who will help to produce consistency in schools, resulting in student academic, social, and emotional growth.