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Beauty and the Beast, Best of Broadway production at Springfield College on Saturday, March 4, 2023.

If you have a dream to act, direct, design or specialize in technical theater or creative dramatics, then the Theatre Arts minor at Springfield College is for you. You'll have the opportunity to work and play with others in the collaborative challenge of creating a live theatrical event, and receive a general overview and specific training in the theory and practice of theater. Each semester, you'll take part in the excitement of main-stage performances of major productions under the guidance of an outstanding faculty of theater professionals. This minor also allows you to implement your personal interests in the theater, encouraging active participation, critical thinking, and leadership in production experiences.

Students perform on stage during Becky's New Car
Past Theater Performances
Becky's New Car

Performed in April 2017

Springfield College students perform in a production of The Liar
Past Theater Performances
The Liar

Performed in November 2016

Two students performing on stage in Water by the Spoonful
Past Theater Performances
Water by the Spoonful

Performed in November 2014

Theater arts minor students performing in RX play in November 2013
Past Theater Performances

Performed in November 2013

Theater arts minor student on stage holding up a phone while performing in How to Survive Grey Goo
Past Theater Performances
How to Survive Grey Goo

Performed in April 2013

Professor Martin Shell and enthusiastic student performing on stage during Proof in November 2012
Past Theater Performances

Performed in November 2012

One student standing and two students on a bench on stage performing during Middletown
Past Theater Performances

Performed in March 2012

Two theater arts minor students performing on stage in Born Yesterday
Past Theater Performances
Born Yesterday

Performed in November 2011

Two theater arts minor students performing in Dead Man's Cell Phone
Past Theater Performances
Dead Man's Cell Phone

Performed in March 2011

To serve humanity wisely, we need to understand more about humanity and ourselves first—and the theater is where we have been exploring what it means to be human for thousands of years. Martin Shell, PROFESSOR OF THEATER ARTS
Martin Shell
Studying Theater Arts At Springfield College
William Simpson Fine Arts Series

Celebrate the arts

The William Simpson Fine Arts Series entertains and inspires. Experience the arts with magnificent work from artists and performers from both inside and outside the Springfield College community. Attendees will be dazzled by dance performances and theater presentations, captivated by art exhibitions and thought-provoking film, and delighted by concerts and literary events.

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