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College Career Advice: The Summer Edition

While it's important to take time off in between school terms, summer months are also a great time for you to further advance yourself in your desired career industry. The Springfield College Career Center encourages students to stay active in their job pursuit and polish their professional profile throughout the summer months with the following suggestion:

1. Explore areas of interest in your field.

For example, network with employers who might be valuable contacts after graduation or see if you can job shadow someone for the day. Getting a look at a day-in-the-life can be very valuable. 

2. Schedule informational interviews with people in the field.

Leaders in your field of interest may have time to sit down with you to tell you more about what they do for a job and what they are looking for in employees and coworkers. 

3. Find a summer job in a field that is closely aligned with your future full-time career path.

Even if your just working at the reception desk, getting a job within the field or at an company you may have interest in is valuable in gaining directly-related experience and insight. 

4. Update your resume.

You never seem to have the time during the school year so here is your chance. Sit down (whether it's at the local library, outside in the hammock, or even poolside) and take time to update your resume using best practices

5. Practice writing cover letters.

You don't have any essays or reports due during these months, so keep your writing skills sharp by practicing writing cover letters. Be sure to position your letters toward your career goals. 

6. Create or update your LinkedIn account.

While you're already on social media posting all about your trips to the beach, why not head over to LinkedIn and either update or create an account. A LinkedIn account can be very useful for both you, during the job search, and future employers, during the interviewing stages. And while you're at it, give Springfield College a follow on LinkedIn to stay connected with us. 

7. Create a list of agencies where you would be interested in working after graduation.

Search for companies that not only would help you advance your career, but whose goals and mission align with your own. Making a list of potential employers will come in handy once it comes time to start sending out your resume.

8. Perform independent research to learn trends and desired qualifications needed in your career industry area.

Stay up-to-date on the latest news in your industry, as well as what is expected of a new graduate. There are countless online newsletters and blogs that can provide you key insight into what may be expected of you post-graduation. Plus, when it comes time for interviewing, your knowledge is sure to give you a heads up over the competition. 


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Feeling overwhelmed? 

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Wishing all our students and alumni a happy and relaxing summer!

About the author

Scott Dranka, G'01

Scott Dranka is the Director of the Career Center and has been employed at Springfield College since 2001. Scott earned a Master of Education in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education in 2001 and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education in 2004, both from Springfield College. Scott enjoys helping students and alumni find their career path and grow within their respective career industries while promoting the center's lifelong services. Scott is also a certified elementary educator in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Scott, a lifelong Western, Massachusetts native, enjoys traveling to Florida and Cape Cod frequently and is an avid car enthusiast.

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