Rule-bending Geese on grass
Springfield College Meme Survival Guide


There’s always that one teacher that can’t just let syllabus week be easy…


When you see someone walking across the seriously, just don’t do it.


The best thing a broke college student could ever hear!!


My face when the teacher starts going through syllabus material
The face says it all...


Me: I should really keep studying
Me to me: You’ve been studying for 3 minutes you deserve a break


Like, are you sure we really need that book?


Oh yeah, you know it’s going to be a good day when this happens.


Um, wasn’t me!




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Meghan Godfrey, '19

Meg Godfrey graduated from Springfield College in 2019 with a degree in Psychology. After four years at Springfield College, during which time she worked in the Office of Communications as an intern, Meghan is currently working toward her Master's degree. 

Meghan Godfrey