A student walks across the Springfield College campus while lugging a large sports bag on her back.
The Other Side of the Triangle: Springfield College is NOT just for athletes


  1. Springfield College: ACCEPTED 
  2. Stonehill College: ACCEPTED
  4. University of North Carolina, Greensboro: ACCEPTED
  5. Roger Williams University: ACCEPTED

And the list went on.


I’ll be completely honest with you, I really didn’t know where I wanted to go. Everywhere I went someone would attack me with the questions:

“Where are you going after high school?”

“Do you have an interest in a certain college?”

“Well what did you like about ___? Because that’s where I went.” Like, okay, Aunt Karen, I get it. Your school was everything you wanted...

But what did I want?

It was simple really, it came down to the atmosphere, academics, and the vibe I got when I first arrived. And I loved Springfield College. I loved the setting with the beautiful lake, and I loved that they had my major (not a lot of schools have it, or maybe they do but no program compared to this one in my eyes). I really loved it here. But I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d fit in, seeing that, at first look, the whole school looked like it was one giant sports team. Well, I’m here to tell you that although you will probably see a Springfield College Athletics shirt every time you walk from class to class, it is definitely not just some “sports school."

I played softball for twelve years, elementary school through high school. It was my passion and it had my entire heart. So, I can easily relate to anyone who plays here, and the time and energy commitment they have made. Personally, I really didn’t want to give it up, as it was a huge part of my life, but I decided to let go of this passion to focus on my school work. And, with a broken heart, I figured a little change would be good for me. So if you’re reading this, I’m with you: a non-sports player at Springfield College.

So why did I come to a seemingly athletic school as a non-athlete?

Within my first semester here, I learned there were so many more things available to me:

1. Clubs, clubs, and MORE clubs!

Joining clubs can give you the opportunity to meet all types of people, whether they’re in sports, different majors, minors, whatever it may be! I am a part of Rachel’s Challenge, Humanics in Action Club, and the YMCA Club. One of the really great things about Springfield College is that there are so many types of people from all over the country—even the world! I’m so grateful to have met the people I have so far, and can’t wait to meet more

2. Volunteer opportunities.

Whether it’s through clubs or not, one of our biggest, awarding achievements here at Springfield College is our service to the community, specifically the city of Springfield. It’s all a part of the humanics philosophy.

3. Connect with people.

Whether it’s through clubs, sports, student activities, class, or even social media. Incoming students are sent a request to join a Facebook group that connects you with your future incoming classmates. I recommend using this tool to find people who have similar interests! I found my roommate on the Facebook page and we have become extremely close.

 4. Club Sports are always an option. 

Maybe you would like to get involved in sports, but not at the D3 level—you could always try a club sport. It’s certainly competitive, but nothing compared to the actual D3 sports.

Sure, sports are a huge part of our college, but there’s so much more to us. As an example, the YMCA here is very, very important! There’s a club around it and even a Museum. So while you’ll probably know a lot of people that play a sport, you’re sure to find plenty of people who don’t. No matter what you choose to participate in, you can STAND OUT and you’ll be sure to make a difference.

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Madison Cox, '22

Southington, CT

Favorite Place on Campus: Patio on Third Floor Learning Commons

Favorite Thing To Do on Campus: Use facilities (gym, pool, fitness classes)

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