The Student Advocates for Wellness and the assistant director of alcohol and other drug education and health promotion are always available to deliver fun, interactive health and wellness programs and workshops in the residence halls, academic classrooms, or to any audience on campus.

Please see a list of programs below.

If you are interested in a topic that is not listed, contact us! We are happy to customize a program to meet your needs.


Let’s Talk About Sex

This educational and entertaining program discusses safe sex through fun activities. Participants will be able to make educated decisions about sexual activity as they explore contraceptives, sexually transmitted infections, and correct ways to use barriers such as condoms.

Stressed Out!

This program addresses something all college students feel–stress!–and teaches them how to manage it in a healthy way. Participants will examine what really stresses them out, learn techniques to manage their stress levels, and find healthy ways to de-stress.

Weekend Wipeout

This program teaches participants about the realities of alcohol. Through interactive games, participants will learn about standard drink sizes, experience impairment using Fatal Vision Goggles, and debunk common alcohol myths.

Good Vibrations

This program, designed for mid-year halls and senior housing, further explores sex, safer sex, and various expressions of sexuality. We'll bring our sex toys!

Hell, Yes! Enthusiastic Consent

This program goes beyond the basics of defining consent and sexual assault and providing resources. Participants will learn about enthusiastic consent and how to have conversations with their sexual partners in order to communicate better about sex.

Add Water, Cook Smart: Microwave Safety

This program is designed to help students learn to cook in a microwave safely. Students will participate in activities designed to help them learn what can and cannot be microwaved, with a focus on fire safety. Participants will also learn creative recipes to make in a microwave. This program is great for first-year students!

Request a Program

Requesting a program is easy! Please email the Student Advocates for Wellness at with your request. Please include the following in your email.

  • Program requested
  • Preferred date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Audience
  • Your contact information

All requests must be made at least two weeks in advance. Request made without two weeks’ notice will be asked to reschedule.

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