Center for Service and Leadership | Springfield College

Center for Service and Leadership

At Springfield College, we’re focused on being leaders in service to humanity. Our Center for Service and Leadership plays a large role in achieving this goal by making a difference in the lives of community members and making the world a better place through service and volunteerism.

So, where do we begin?

We understand the philosophy that being a good citizen starts with being a good neighbor. The center connects Springfield College community members with residents of the greater Springfield community via service opportunities and programs, with a specific focus on providing educational opportunities for our students.

The Center for Service and Leadership has four locations associated with it.

  • Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, located at 385 Eastern Avenue in Springfield
  • Center for Service and Leadership main office, located on the second floor in Suite 335 in the Flynn Campus Union on the Springfield College campus
  • Veterans and Military Services Center, located at 272 Middlesex Street
  • Pride Pantry, located on the main floor of the Flynn Campus Union

The centers provide students and faculty with learning laboratories for extending practical application of skills, leadership development, and service learning with members of the local Old Hill and Upper Hill communities. These centers connect the issues that Springfield College students care about with the things they believe they can change, providing a platform to develop students as leaders in service to others.

The Center for Service and Leadership strives to collaborate with offices, departments, and organizations that provide leadership development opportunities for students.

Service for Humanity

How We Do Humanics

Springfield College students, faculty, staff, and alumni have the opportunity to take time to dedicate to community service through our Humanics in Action program.

2 students work in a community garden as part of Humanics in Action