The hall includes:

  • Double rooms on co-ed floors
  • Kitchen on first floor
  • Wi-Fi
  • A main lounge with a big-screen TV, pool table, and ping pong table
Two beds set up in Massasoit Hall

Massasoit Hall was built in 1960. Massasoit Hall is a close walk away from several academic buildings and Cheney Hall, the College’s dining facility. Reed Green also is located just outside the building, where students can enjoy playing games and laying out in the sun.

Residents are able to gain the full first-year experience when living in Massasoit Hall. Each floor has its own lounge with a sitting area where students can gather and socialize. The first floor has a main lounge with a big-screen TV and pool table.

Massasoit is home to our two Living Learning Communities, creating a link between academics and student life.  

Accommodates: 113

Massasoit Hall Room Dimensions

Room: Double
Height: 8'
Width: 11' 7"
Length: 15' 4"

Height: 6' 8"
Width: 3' 8"

Height: 6' 8"
Length: 4'

Measurements for Window Fan
Opens up and down
20.5" height opening
24" width opening

Live and Learn Together

Connect your in- and out-of-class learning with our Living-Learning Communities (LLCs). Apply through PrideNet.

A room set up for a student to live in it in Massasoit residence hall.

Tour Massasoit Hall with a Student Ambassador 

Student Ambassador Janna takes you on a tour of Massasoit Hall, one of our first-year housing options at Springfield College. 

The front of Massasoit Hall with students walking into the building.
Welcome to Massasoit Hall

Interacting and making friends is one of the great things about Springfield College, especially in Massasoit Hall.

A desk with a plate on it and a bed in Massasoit Hall.
Space Made by You

Rooms in Massasoit Hall provide multi-functional space so you can make it your own.

A room in Massasoit Hall with two beds and desk area for students.
Make It Your Own

Whether you bleed maroon and white or like a more modern look, designing your half of the room is part of the fun.

A Massasoit Hall residence room with bed and desk adorned with Springfield College gear.
Study or Sleep

Students enjoy the luxury of their study space and their sleeping space being under the same roof.

Massasoit Hall room with an open door and closet to show the community feel created in the residence hall.
Embrace Your Community

Having an open-door is a great way to interact with floor mates and meet new people.

The common area, including kitchen, in Massasoit residence hall.
Cooking Made Easy

Breaks from the dining hall are easy with our spacious kitchen area available for use by residents.

A foosball and ping pong table are included in the common area of Massasoit residence hall.
Competitive Edge

Games allow for great ways for students to interact and get a little friendly competition.

The common area in Massasoit residence hall, complete with dining area and TV area.
Lounge Life

Whether it's homework or watching a movie as floor, the lounge is a great place to meet new people and hang out.

A pool table is included in the basement lounge of Massasoit hall.
Enjoy Your Hall

The basement lounge offers a great way to step back from the books and enjoy some fun.