The hall includes:

  • Double rooms on single-sex or coed floors
  • Lounges on each floor
  • Main lounge with a big-screen television and full kitchen
  • Wi-Fi
  • Scenic views of Lake Massasoit
Reed Hall

Reed Hall was built in 1920. It sits between International Hall and Massasoit Hall and is home to 150 first-year students. It is a five-story building that contains a mix of coed floors and single-sex floors. Rooms located at the south end of the building have scenic views of Lake Massasoit.

Reed Hall is located on the south end of campus and better known to the campus for its “green,” where many students gather to partake in recreational games and activities. With four floors facing the green and five floors facing the lake, Reed has been home exclusively to first-year students since 2004. The building is now a haven for students looking for a fulfilling college experience. Each floor has a lounge where students socialize. The main lounge, located on the second floor, has a big-screen TV and a full kitchen. In the first-floor lounge, students can enjoy playing a game of pool. Students live in double rooms, making their first-year experience one that they will love looking back at.

Capacity: 154

Reed Hall Room Dimensions

Room: Double
Height: 7' 10"
Width: 11' 7"
Length: 15' 3"

Height: 7' 10"
Width: 4'

Height: 4'
Width: 5'