Each apartment includes:

  • Single or double rooms
  • Kitchenette
  • Common room
  • Private bathrooms
  • Air conditioning
  • Wi-Fi
The Living Center

In the early 1900s, Springfield, Mass., was like any other major city in America at the time, booming with industries and factories. The Living Center, known to students as the “LC,” was once one of those buildings. After Springfield College purchased the building in the early 1990s, it was used as a classroom building as well as a residence hall. When the building opened in 1991, it served as the second building on campus to house apartments. The Living Center has a capacity of 200 residents. Its four floors hold 11 apartments, each of which house three to six people. The building has a total of 43 apartments. The “LC” is conveniently located next to two main academic halls—Blake and Locklin.  

The Living Center is available to seniors and juniors who choose to live on campus during their two final years on campus. Each apartment has a kitchenette and common room with private bathrooms. Students can choose to live in single or double rooms within the apartments. Each apartment is air conditioned. These apartments allow students to have a bit of independence and responsibility, while also enjoying all that campus life has to offer. In addition, the Living Center has a multipurpose room with a large-screen TV, a pool table, and a full kitchen. There is also a lounge on the first floor with a sitting area, a TV, and a foosball table. A courtyard surrounds the building; the courtyard serves as a spot where many students hold special events. The Living Center is open during major vacation periods, with the exception of Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas week.

Capacity: 202

Living Center Room Dimensions

Rooms in the Living Center vary in size (as there are singles, doubles, corner rooms, etc.).

Room: Single
Height: 7' 6"
Width: 7' 6"
Length: 11'

Closet is part of the furniture unit

Height: 42"
Width: 20"