The townhouses include:

  • Shared spaces, including a full kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms
  • Air conditioning
  • Main lounge in the Conference Center
  • A view of Stagg Field
Outside on the green of the Townhouses

Built in 1991, the Townhouses served as the first apartment-style residence hall on campus. The Townhouses are next to Stage Field, where most fall and spring sporting events are played. 

The Townhouses are comprised of 20 houses in one complex with a population of approximately 160 students. Each house is three stories with a kitchen and living room on the first floor. The second and third floors contain four bedrooms and a bathroom on each floor. All of the houses have access to a backyard, where students can enjoy cooking, socializing, or even watching a sporting event. There is a main lounge in the conference center. There, students can play a game of pool or watch their favorite shows on a big-screen TV.

Accommodates: 161

Townhouse Room Dimensions

Height: 7'
Width: 8'
Length: 10' 6"

Height: 7'
Width: 2' 6"
Length: 4"

Height: 4'
Width: 2'