Co-Directors of the TAP Lab

Sean DeMartino, Psy.D., is an assistant professor of psychology and a graduate of the Counseling Psychology Psy.D. program at Springfield College.  In addition to his role as an assistant professor, Dr. DeMartino currently works at a community mental health clinic in Springfield providing psychotherapy and psychological evaluations to children, adolescents, and adults from low socioeconomic backgrounds and who have often experienced complex, developmental trauma.  His dissertation included a qualitative study examining the comorbidity of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) in men, with a sub-focus looking at the role of masculine gender role stress. 

Dr. DeMartino has published in the area of ethics in prevention as well as has presented regionally and nationally on interpersonal partner violence, PTSD and SUDs, and assessing critical thinking skills in undergraduate students.  He is interested in researching treatment modalities for individuals with developmental trauma, examining the impact of adverse childhood experiences on mental health, sexual assault prevention, and social justice related issues. He is currently a member of Division 17 (Society of Counseling Psychology), 51 (Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinities), and 56 (Division of Trauma Psychology) of the American Psychological Association (APA).  Contact: 

Sally M. Hage, PhD, is an associate professor at Springfield College and she received her PhD from the University of Minnesota. She is an APA Fellow (Division 17) and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Prevention (Prevention Section, SCP). Her research interests include community-based prevention, social justice, health promotion, ethics, group work, youth development, and multicultural training. She is the incoming editor of the Journal of Prevention and Health Promotion (Sage Publications).

Student Researchers

Marley Balasco, a doctoral candidate in the Counseling Psychology program, earned a Master’s in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness at New York University. She currently works at the Springfield College East Campus, delivering outdoor programming to the campus and neighboring communities. Prior to enrollment at Springfield College, she worked in the wilderness therapy industry as well as in community mental health. Throughout the course of her professional experience, she developed a broad interest in how youth negotiate systems of oppression. Her specific area of interest involves wilderness as an intervention to disrupt gender-based mental health disparities and risk for legal-system involvement.

Charisse Del Vecchio, doctoral student in Counseling Psychology, graduated from Hampshire College with concentrations in Psychology and Anthropology and a certificate in Culture, Health and Science in 2017. She currently works on campus in the Office of Multicultural Affairs and in the Center for Service and Leadership. Her previous primary research projects include  "States of Disconnect: The Effect of American Individualism on Social Connectedness and Mental Health" and "Ambivalent Sexism and Social Context." Prior to graduate school, she worked as a research intern with the Department of Public Health's Rural Sexual and Domestic Violence Project, where she researched barriers to resources for survivors living in rural spaces.  Charisse's research interests are related to identity, power, and privilege, and she is most passionate about using research to support marginalized individuals and groups. Her current research projects include topics such as experiences of bias, mindfulness and breathing, sexual violence on campus, and adverse childhood experiences.   

Sesooter Ikpah is a doctoral student in counseling psychology who earned a master's degree in clinical psychology and a bachelor's in biochemistry at American International College.  He is currently licensed in the state of Massachusetts as a mental health counselor where he has worked for nearly 5 years serving the community in multiple roles. His research interests include multicultural issues, prevention, resiliency and the general well-being in underserved populations, and health psychology with a social justice focus.  His current research is focused on the racial subjectivity within the student and teacher relationship. He is currently a student affiliate of the society of counseling psychology, psychopharmacology and substance abuse, health psychology, society for the psychological study of culture, ethnicity and race, and exercise and sport psychology divisions of the APA.  In his spare time, he enjoys being active, playing and watching sports, traveling, cooking, and learning something new!

Mary Iellamo, a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology, graduated from Elms College with a double major in Psychology and English in 2018. She currently works at the Walden Eating Disorders Center at Rockville Hospital in Vernon, CT, where she has developed programming and trained staff on topics related to the treatment of eating disorders. Her previous research projects include an investigation on the effects of digital graphics on college students’ prosocial attitudes and an exploration of college students’ access to eating disorder treatment. Mary’s current research interests include the interpersonal dynamics, interoception, and adverse experiences of individuals with eating disorders, particularly college students. She aspires to develop social support programming and interoceptive interventions complementary to traditional eating disorder treatment.

Chen Liang, a doctoral student in the Counseling Psychology PsyD program, earned a Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Northwest Missouri State University and a Bachelors in Applied Psychology at Beijing Sport University. Her research interests are international students' acculturation experiences, culture and help-seeking behaviors, and social justice. She also is interested in mindfulness, depression, stress, and trauma. She enjoys spending time with friends, watching movies, dancing, and playing with her friends' cats. Contact:

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