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The movement and sports studies major at Springfield College offers a comprehensive understanding of the scientific and social foundations of movement and its cultural forms of dance, sports, games, and exercise. The MOST major offers concentrations in physical education, physical and health education (dual program), and adventure education. The program results in a bachelor of science.

Graduates of the movement and sports studies program work in school and community-based agencies, including public and private schools, YMCAs, and recreational facilities. Graduates also pursue graduate education in movement and sports studies, athletic administration, sport management, adapted physical education,  and health promotion.

Movement and Sports Studies (Physical Education) Program Requirement Sheet (.doc)

Casey Pilkington Aiezza ’08

Elementary School Physical Education Teacher, Developer of “Spinning Green”

New Fairfield, Conn.

“From my very first class at Springfield, I was working with children and applying all that I learned. I was able to participate in experiential learning right from the beginning. I was prepared for the real world.”

Core Curriculum

In addition to general education requirements, core curriculum in movement and sports studies includes:

Generalist - 30 Credits

  • AEXS 319 - Kinesiology/Biomechanics Credits: 3
  • AEXS 321 - Kinesiology / Biomechanics - Lab Credits: 0
  • DANC 102 - Introduction to Dance Credits: 3
  • MATH 115 - College Algebra Credits: 3

(or higher level math course)

  • MOSK 140 - Skill Themes and Movement Concepts Credits: 1
  • MOST 410 - Assessment in Movement and Sport Credits: 3
  • MOST 484 - Practicum in Movement Studies Credits: 6-12

(note: must be taken for a minimum of 6 credits to meet program requirements)

  • PEPC 180 - Educational Gymnastics Credits: .5
  • PEPC 240 - Target Games Credits: .5
  • PEPC 244 - Basketball Credits: .5
  • PEPC 250 - Territorial/Invasion Games Credits: 1
  • PEPC 258 - Volleyball Credits: .5
  • PEPC 260 - Striking Games Credits: .5
  • PEPC 263 - Track and Field I Credits: .5
  • PEPC 270 - Racket Sports: Net and Wall Games Credits: 1
  • PHED 212 - Principles and Problems of Coaching Credits: 2

and select a required minor with the approval of the PEHE department chair.

  • PHYS 205 - Physics for Movement Science Credits: 3
  • PHYS 206 - Sports Physics Laboratory Credits: .5
  • MOST 206 - Physics for Movement Science Laboratory Credits: .5

Related requirements:

  • Anatomy and Physiology I & II/Labs I & II
  • Physics for Movement Science/Lab
  • Sports Physics Lab

Related skill requirements:

  • Outdoor Pursuits
  • Skill Themes and Movement Concepts
  • Introduction to Dance
  • Lifeguard Training (ARC) or water safety instructor
  • Educational Gymnastics
  • Aerobic Activities
  • Outdoor Adventure

For additional information on the movement and sport studies major at Springfield College, contact:

Stephen Coulon, Ph.D.
Phone: (413) 748-3029

For general admissions information, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (800) 343-1257.