Welcome to Springfield College

Springfield College has a long and distinguished history of service to humanity through the education of its students—in spirit, mind, and body. For almost 130 years, nationally and internationally recognized members of our faculty have been preparing students for leadership in our communities—in schools, in hospitals, in business, and on fields of sport—in the United States and around the world.

Springfield College President, Mary-Beth Cooper

The Balanced Individual: Through academic scholarship and a vibrant athletics culture, Springfield College students are well rounded, whole, balanced individuals who are at the top of their games, no matter their forum. And these exemplary students have selected Springfield College—in most cases as their first choice—because we are committed to graduating students who will change the world. Springfield College is consistently ranked among the best universities and as an institution that leads to graduate school for many of its students.

Scholarship: Springfield College offers 47 undergraduate majors in a wide range of human-helping professions. Our majors blend traditional coursework with experiential learning such as internships, fieldwork, student teaching, and practicums. The blend of classroom and real-world experience is what provides our students with skills, knowledge, insight, and networks to achieve their career goals upon graduation.

Campus Life: Springfield College has a vibrant campus life and students are provided with ample opportunity to explore their professional and personal interests. Our traditional New England campus, situated on the shores of Watershops Pond, is like an oasis in a city. In addition to academic, there are recreational facilities and special interest clubs and organizations, all within an hour and a half drive to Boston, Albany, or Providence.

The College Investment: College may be the most important investment a student and his or her family may ever undertake. It is a responsibility that I—and all of us here—share with you. We are committed to helping you find your place both on the campus and in the world upon graduation. The practical education experiences, alumni connections, lifelong friends, and personal understanding you gain here will help you make your place in the world.

Athletics: We have been known as innovators in sport, health, wellness, and fitness since our inception. It’s no surprise, then, that 80 percent of our students participate in athletics through varsity, intramural, or club sports, and 30 percent participate on one of our 26 Division III varsity teams. Our athletics heritage is a storied one, and numerous alumni and faculty have risen to the professional or Olympic ranks.

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Mary-Beth A. Cooper, PhD, DM

Mary-Beth A. Cooper has served as president of Springfield College in Massachusetts since 2013. President Cooper serves on the President’s Council of the NCAA and the boards of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts, Council of Independent Colleges, Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts, Educare Springfield, DevelopSpringfield, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, and the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation.
Cooper earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware, a Master of Education from the University of Georgia, a Master of Business Administration from the University of Rochester, a Doctor of Philosophy in education administration from Michigan State University, and a Doctor of Management from Case Western Reserve University.