Public Safety | Springfield College

The Springfield College Department of Public Safety strives to keep our campus safe. All police officers are fully trained, and they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to the officers, the Department of Public Safety also has a dispatch center as well as Community Service Officers (CSO) who patrol the campus on foot, and can also respond to assist with medical emergencies when needed.

The Department of Public Safety also provides various services, including campus shuttles, courtesy transports transportation requests, educational programs, and they can offer assistance with vehicle registration so you can park on campus.

A Special Member of the Force!

At Springfield College, we care about the health and well-being of our campus community, especially our students. We know that college, for newer students in particular, can pose challenges in adjusting to a new way of learning and living.

We are here to support you at every step. Let us introduce you to one of our special helpers! Remy is our new campus comfort dog, who is undergoing training as he learns basic obedience, socializing skills, and advanced manner classes.

As a member of the Department of Public Safety, Remy, once trained, will be available to help comfort our students in distress, and make visits to faculty and staff.

Springfield College is committed to providing an educational and work environment that is free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. If you have experienced harassment, bias, or discrimination and would like to file a report, please visit this reporting page.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Sexual Predator and Offender Registry

Florida Senate Bill 524 (July 1, 2014) requires all private higher education institutions to provide its students, faculty, and staff with the following information regarding the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Sexual Predator and Sexual Offender Registry Website.

Toll-free Telephone Number:

SC Alert

Be sure to sign up for SC Alert, the Springfield College emergency notification system.

Rave Guardian App

The Rave app can transform your cell phone into a personal safety device.

Inclement Weather Notification

When there is a closing or delay due to inclement weather, we’ll let you know.

Our Officers

Our public safety officers are here to serve our campus community. All of our officers are commissioned under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 22c, Section 63, and have full law enforcement authority in and upon all property owned, occupied, or used by the College.

Officers in front of their vehicle.

Our Medical Response Team

All Springfield College police officers are qualified to respond to medical emergencies. As trained first responders, each officer is CPR and automatic external defibrillator (AED) certified. Each cruiser is equipped with a fully stocked medical supply bag as well as oxygen and AEDs. Community service officers are required to be CPR certified and our department oversees the College Emergency Medical Services Club. This team is comprised of emergency medical service management students who assist with responding to medical emergency calls on campus.

Springfield College police cars

Our Dispatch Center

As the backbone of our department, our telecommunicators provide constant communication with our officers, outside agencies, and you. While on shift, our telecommunicators maintain a log of calls, share information, and monitor other police agencies, alarm systems, and CCTV monitors. They also assist with issuing parking permits as needed.

Dispatch center at Springfield College.

Our CSO Team

Our department employs non-sworn security personnel known as community service officers—as well as 27 students who serve as hall security guards. Both of these groups serve as the “eyes and ears” of our department and play a very important role in preventing crime on campus.

CSO team