The Office of Grants & Sponsored Research is a resource for faculty and staff in regards to external grants, including finding funding opportunities, developing proposals, negotiating and accepting awards, and properly administering a grant.

Faculty and staff members work with the director to seek and administer successful grants in areas such as faculty research and professional development, academic and cocurricular programs, and community outreach projects that enhance student learning and student life.

The Office of Grants & Sponsored Research helps to ensure that each grant-funded project is well planned, that it furthers the College's educational mission, and that it maintains high standards in representing Springfield College to granting organizations. The Office of Grants & Sponsored Research specializes in public grants from government agencies, and coordinates with the Associate Vice President for Development when pursuing funding from private foundations.

All faculty and staff proposals to external funders require coordination with and review by grants and sponsored research, which will assist you in obtaining College approvals prior to proposal submission. 

Electronic grant applications to the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and U.S. Department of Education are submitted by the director.

Parents and students seeking scholarship grants will find information by visiting the Office of Financial Aid.

Getting College Approval to Submit Your Proposal

Click on the file format you prefer and save the file to your computer. General instructions are included on the form. Please call James Harnsberger at (413) 748-4826 to discuss your application and to plan ahead for the intended deadline.

The Intent to Apply section should be completed as soon as possible. The final internal approval process, which includes final review of a complete budget and staffing/resource commitments, takes at least one week.

Download the Protocol Form.

Note: External mini-grants, pre-proposals, and letters of intent require the grant approval protocol.

All proposals to external funders, no matter how small, require internal college approval prior to submission. Many letters of intent are actually preliminary or mini-proposals designed to screen out the applicant pool. Small grants and sub-grants, in proportion to the dollars you may receive, often carry disproportionately heavy administrative requirements and significant commitments of inkind college resources. Sub-grants may include formal partnership agreements with other lead-applicant organizations and activities you and students perform as representatives of Springfield College.


General Resources

  • Grants Resource CenterA wide variety of online, searchable resources available to faculty and staff at Springfield College. Membership in the Grants Resources Center is a service maintained by the Office of Grants & Sponsored Research. New features include the agency fact sSheets, where you can click on an agency Icon to get a summary with direct links to relevant agency pages, and a customizable faculty alerts e-subscription. 
  • Foundation Center Funding Information Network: This network is locally offered by the Springfield City Library. The library provides free access to a wide array of Foundation Center resources at the library and online, and offers training in their use regularly. Interested individuals also may sign up for their the Funding Information Center's email list for news and notices.
  • University of Massachusetts Research and Engagement: Learn more about the university's research outlets.

Federal Grants

  • Federal Agencies
  • One stop shopping for all federal grant opportunities. Note that all electronic grant applications by Springfield College faculty and staff are submitted through the Office of Grants & Sponsored Research, following an internal College approval process. Springfield College has an established Organizational Registration; you do not need to get registered as an individual. 

NSF FastLane

NSF's FastLane provides an electronic grant application and administration system. Many NSF applications may now be submitted using either FastLane or Contact the Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs to become registered on FastLane. The principal investigator (PI) and all Co-PIs must be registered by the college to use FastLane prior to submitting one's first application to NSF.

The director of the Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs is the only college representative authorized to submit your application to NSF, after it has been internally approved via the grants protocol.

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