Cutting-Edge Curriculum*

Reggio Emilia

  • This approach integrates aspects of home and school through shared communication.
  • Through child-directed brainstorming with teachers, children have the opportunity to explore what interests them.
  • A variety of other elements, including journals and display boards, also emphasize interaction between children, teachers, and parents.

Emergent Curriculum

  • This approach focuses on planning curriculum based on students’ interest and passion.
  • Children are introduced to brainstorming and webbing to investigate what can be learned.

*The Massachusetts Department of Education Early Childhood Program Standards are incorporated into both the Reggio Emilia and Emergent Curriculum.

Communication is Key

Communication is a key component of the Child Development Center curriculum. The Child Development Center teachers listen to and talk with the children. They also establish a rapport with the parents, sharing information about classroom activities on a regular basis. Parents also keep the teachers aware of what is happening in the children’s lives outside of the classroom.

The toddler journal program is a great example of the level of communication between teachers and parents. Each week, teachers send home a journal entry discussing the toddler’s progress and activities. Parents are encouraged to add their comments and return the journal to the classroom.

Teachers in the preschool and PreK classrooms use display boards to showcase student projects, document student progress, inform parents about daily activities, and keep the lines of communication flowing between children, teachers, and parents.

Staff and teachers at the Child Development Center are always available to talk with parents about their children or the program.