Thursday, March 19, 2020

Dear Faculty and Staff,

First and foremost, thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through the rapidly changing dynamics of COVID-19 and what it means for both our community and those around us.  For now, we should operate under the following guidance, which we will continue to update as it becomes necessary. 

Springfield College employees will continue to work from home until further notice. This is in compliance with Massachusetts Department of Public Health updated guidelines. We continue to increase strategies to have as many faculty and staff work from home as possible at this time. It is critical that we have as minimal a number of people on campus as possible.

Employees are encouraged to work remotely, with only essential and critically necessary staff reporting physically to the campus. Faculty and Staff may return to campus periodically to pick-up necessary work materials, but should not report to work on a day-to-day basis unless instructed to do so by their respective PLT member. All staff who must be on campus should be exercising appropriate measures for social distancing. Physical on-campus offices should remain closed to visitors and the public. 

Please continue to use out-of-office messaging that indicates we are open remotely and will respond accordingly to emails and phones, further guidance from HR will also be forthcoming.

We will continue to evaluate the situation on a regular basis and hope you are well.


Mary Beth Cooper


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As the President's latest email indicated, the majority of Springfield College employees will continue to work from home until further notice. We in HR, as well as the College's leadership, are incredibly appreciative of your response to the College's daily communications and we hope that you and your families are doing well in light of our "new normal".  

We ask that you continue to complete your work responsibilities remotely, check your email regularly, update your voicemail messaging, and continue working virtually with colleagues or students.  Supervisors should also be reaching out to employees on a regular basis, keeping in constant contact with updates at both the College and departmental levels, as well as assigning project related work to keep the College moving.

At the very bottom of this message you will see a pre-drafted out-of-office message.  We would ask that you update your voicemail and emails with that messaging, as appropriate to your ability to continue working during this period of time, to ensure consistency across the campus as we work to reopen online to students on March 30.

The following information will also assist with how we plan to operationalize the plans as laid out by President Cooper, they are as follows:

  • Only those employees designated as essential, critically necessary, or with PLT approval should be working physically on campus.
  • For those employees who are unable to report to work, or cannot work remotely due to the nature of their role, the use of paid leave is not currently necessary, with PLT approval.  During this period of time, alternate duties may also be assigned, which may be done remotely.  Additionally, it’s a great time to focus on professional development, training and technology learning opportunities. 
  • Faculty and Staff may return to campus periodically to pick-up necessary work materials, practicing all available safety measures to avoid contact with others.  Please ensure you bring your Pride Card/College ID, as buildings are locked and will require you to swipe in. 
  • For those employees on a pre-approved FMLA, paid leave of absence, planned vacation, or who are using sick leave for pre-planned purposes (i.e. medical appointments, parental sick, etc…), accrued paid leave should continue to be used as appropriate.     
  • College Closed should not be used in ADP during this time, or at least until further notice.   

Specific Pay Guidance

  • Exempt Employees
    • Employees who are required to report to work, or are working remotely, continue to earn their regular pay.
    • Employees who cannot telecommute should speak with their supervisor/PLT member for the appropriate pay and timecard advice.
  • Non-Exempt Employees
    • Non-exempt, essential employees who report to campus continue to earn their normal pay by working their approved schedule. 
    • Non-exempt, non-essential employees should work remotely, as necessary to the operations of a department/division and as authorized by their Division lead/PLT member. 
    • Unless authorized by their Division lead/PLT member, total hours worked for non-exempt employees should not exceed their regularly scheduled hours for that period.
    • Employees, who cannot telecommute or work on campus, should speak with their supervisor/PLT member for the appropriate pay and timecard advice. 
  • Student Employees
    • At this time, only critically essential student employees should be working, either from home or on campus, and only with PLT approval.
    • The College is working on specific plans to ensure some level of pay continuity, as feasible, with students, assistants, fellows and grad hourlies, we will communicate with them directly when such guidance is available.

As always, our priorities in HR are our valued employees.  Should you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your HR Partner.

Best wishes and stay safe,

The HR Team


Out of Office Messaging

Thank you for your message.  Please note that the physical campus at Springfield College is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, but we are open and operating.  Faculty and staff are responding to all inquiries remotely, via email and phone to the extent possible. 

Our campus academics are moving online as of March 30 and will continue through the remainder of the semester, with many on-campus services being provided online.

We appreciate your patience and will get back with you as soon as possible.