Drew Gallant, Class of 2019, has been a Camp Massasoit counselor for the past three seasons. He has shown tremendous appreciation for all things camp related, such that his dedication has led him to pursue a career in outdoor education. Drew now works as an instructor for Nature’s Classroom, leading youth through week-long class experiences with emphasises on environmental science, experiential education, and leadership skills.  

How did you become involved at camp? What has been your experience?
“I became involved with Camp Massasoit through my major as a recreation management student and the desire to gain valuable experience with children. Since starting as a counselor in 2017, I have attained an incredible amount of understanding of how amazing working with children can be. I have been able to see children challenge themselves in a unique setting while also creating my own activities that provide for growth.” 

What takeaways from camp can you apply to your everyday life?  
“Since working at Camp Massasoit, I have applied the knowledge gained from being a counselor to every single daily aspect. Camp Massasoit is a learning opportunity not only for the amazing campers but also for the carefully selected staff. The counselors learn many different aspects of working with children, from encouraging others on the challenge course, to providing additional support down at the archery range, to name a few. And also, the act of being present and there for a camper who is experiencing a bad day are all things that the counselors learn to do. These can all be applied to common day experiences.”  

Why do you return each year?
“I return to Camp Massasoit every summer because I have created lasting memories and relationships through all aspects of camp. I look forward to seeing the campers come back year after year and seeing how much they have grown. The campers provide such an amazing energy as soon as they are dropped off at camp on the first day and it is amazing to see them reconnect with their "camp friends", the ones that they only get to spend time with here in the summer. Camp Massasoit has given me so much, has allowed me to find and pursue my passion of outdoor education, and has even helped me to build a career in the field.”

Why will you support the Friends of East Campus on Giving Day?
“Donating allows people to learn and grow through programs that are hosted at East Campus Outdoor Learning Center. Therefore, donating to Friends of East Campus allows not only Camp Massasoit campers to get hands on experiences during the summer, but also allows for Springfield College students throughout the school year to gain valuable knowledge while learning in a unique environment. Outdoor Pursuits, Spring Explorers, Pre-Camp and New Student Orientation are all programs that create an open environment for students to learn about themselves and create a community through the awesome facility that is East Campus.”