“The Springfield Model”

A new field will become a game changer for more than just student-athletes

3D rendering of the new baseball facility at Springfield College
Craig Poisson
From the Director of Athletics

A letter from Craig Poisson, Director of Athletics.

Kathy Mangano ’86, G’88
Call Her Coach

If you really want to honor Kathy Mangano ’86, G’88, and all that she has accomplished, drop the “Dr.” salutation and instead call her “Coach Mangano.”

When Mangano thinks of all the impactful faculty and coaches who influenced her over the years—Diane Potter ’57, Mimi Murray ’61, Dottie Zenaty ’65, Ed Bilik ’57, G’62, Gretchen Brockmeyer ’66—knowing that she shared the honor of being a Springfield College coach with them brings a smile to her face.

Xavi Arroyo, Class of 2019
Xavi Arroyo, Class of 2019

It means so much to me to play here at Springfield College. For almost a year and a half that I have spent here at Springfield College I have grown as a player and a person. Through being on the soccer team I have formed a bond that will stay in my heart forever. The culture of the team directly reflects the values that every single student on campus follows.

3D rendering of the new field at Springfield College
“The Springfield Model”

Springfield College has partnered with Hall of Famer Cal Ripken, Jr. and the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation to jointly design and build a one-of-a-kind intercollegiate and adaptive baseball park to replace Berry-Allen Field. The adaptive baseball park will include a custom-designed field with a cushioned, rubberized surface that makes it accessible for special needs players to get from base to base.

The “Cardinal Way”
The “Cardinal Way”

The St. Louis Cardinals have made four World Series appearances in the last decade, winning two of them. This historic franchise attracts some of the most talented employees from around the world, including at least six from a tiny college in western Massachusetts. We tracked some of them down to find out how they broke into the world of professional sports and if there truly is a “Cardinal Way.”

Katrina Dagan ’98, G’00
Katrina Dagan ’98, G’00, Keeps the Tradition of Family Alive

Katrina Dagan ’98, G’00, describes playing on the Springfield College women’s basketball team as one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences she ever had. For her, Springfield College was more than just a school; it was a community of friends and teammates who look out for one another, even long after graduation.

Ken McCarthy ’89
What it Means to Wear THE Jersey

Wearing the Springfield College lacrosse jersey is an honor and responsibility that means being a part of something special. It is an honor to have earned the right to wear the colors that represent Springfield College. The responsibility is to uphold the traditions of excellence that have been established by the great people who previously wore the uniform—and to set the standard for the future.

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A group of five alumna surprised their friend Diane Potter ’57, G’63, with the announcement of two endowed funds in her honor.

Former Springfield College softball players with Diane Potter ’57, G’63
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What It Means to Wear the Jersey
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What it Means to Wear the Uniform
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