Katrina Dagan ’98, G’00, describes playing on the Springfield College women’s basketball team as one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences she ever had. For her, Springfield College was more than just a school; it was a community of friends and teammates who look out for one another, even long after graduation. 

Now as an alumna, she is continuing that tradition by financially supporting the women’s basketball program.

“When I was a student, there were many alums whocontributed to my education. I like to know that I am giving back and helping others have a positive experience,” she said.

Dagan’s family lived a three-hour drive from campus when she was a student, so they often could not attend her home games. However, she found a new family in the campus community.

“When you are at college, your friends become your family, so there was always someone in the stands cheering and supporting me. I think supporting teams and athletes financially is important, but going to games and cheering on student-athletes also makes a big difference to them,” Dagan said.

Dagan has fond memories of Women in Sports Day, winning the Dial Classic (and receiving bags filled with soap and other Dial products), the packed van rides to away games that turned into great bonding experiences, and running numerous sprints for Coach Naomi Graves.

“All the times we suffered I now look back on and laugh about,” Dagan said. “I am happy to see how far the program has come since I was there, and it is amazing how much the school has changed.”

Dagan says that all her experiences at Springfield College helped prepare her for her career as a physical educator and coach, which is why she supports the women’s basketball program.

“I like to think that my gift can help with big items, such as travel and out-of-region competitions, but also with small items like T-shirts,” she said.

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