Jane Kelleher ’09

From the first time I put on the maroon and white, I knew I was part of a special family—one of teammates and coaches who immediately made me feel at home. Some of my strongest relationships and fondest memories were forged during my time as a student-athlete at Springfield College. Whether playing field hockey at home on Stagg Field, at a rival New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference campus, or during our international trip to Argentina, we knew we were playing for something bigger than ourselves. When we wore those uniforms, we knew it was more than just “Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good” (which we absolutely did in every sense!), but we had the opportunity to proudly represent the Springfield College tradition of excellence.

My time at the College prepared me for the challenges that lay ahead. I quickly learned I wasn’t just playing a game I loved. I was gaining invaluable life skills that I carry with me today—skills that I try to impart upon my own students and team. Those skills include always being prepared. Getting out of your comfort zone. Holding yourself to high standards. Putting others above yourself. Not to mention the importance of being a teammate and working together towards a common goal! Being a student-athlete enriched my college experience and made me who I am today, and wearing that uniform is an honor I’ll never forget.

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