“The things I learned at Springfield College help me every single day of my life.”

Gary Hunt ’78 lives the Springfield College philosophy. You can hear it in the way he talks about philanthropy. You can even read it on his website where, under his bio as president of Thomas Fahy Insurance Associates, it says that Springfield College was responsible for shaping his philosophy of “helping others achieve their goals.”

Growing up in West Hartford, Conn., Hunt heard good things about Springfield College and its baseball program so he enrolled after deciding to transfer from Dean College. He never looked back.

“Springfield College exceeded my expectations academically, socially, and athletically,” he said.

It’s the reason why he supports the Friends of Springfield College Athletics Fund.

“I think it’s incumbent upon us as alumni to financially give back to the school and the athletic programs so we keep that tradition ongoing and we provide that opportunity for students,” he said. “It’s important that the school, in economic times like right now, can continue to thrive and continue to be advanced in everything Springfield College does.”

Hunt believes that alumni with the ability to give back should do so. He states that he loves giving back to Springfield College because he believes so strongly in the mission. He has even included the College in his estate plans.

Joining him in the family business is Hunt’s son Steven Hunt ’07, who also played on the Springfield College baseball team. Hunt insists that he had no influence on Steven’s decision to apply and eventually enroll at Springfield College. It certainly speaks to the high praise Hunt bestowed upon his alma mater throughout Steven’s life.

“The things I learned about leadership, being a teammate, time management—I benefited greatly from all these experiences and draw from those experiences and teach from those experiences at this point in my life,” Hunt said.

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