Why do you give to Springfield College athletics?
Coach Ed Bilik ’57, G’62, and Coach Ray Gilbert ’63, G’68, my basketball coaches, were influential in my development as an athlete but, more importantly, as a human being. In getting to know Coach Graves and my former teammate Coach Brock, I see firsthand that the tradition of excellence and commitment to developing solid young men and women still continues.

What impact do you think your gifts have on student athletes?
I remember sitting in Coach Bilik’s office at the end of my freshman year, telling him I wasn’t sure if I could return to Springfield. My father became ill and lost his business. Coach got on the phone with Dean Wilcox in the financial aid office and told him of my situation. What he said next is something I will never forget. He said that I was the kind of person that we want at Springfield. Needless to say, I graduated. I hope that my contribution can help students like me.

How can coaches use philanthropic support to advance the student athlete experience?
To support the needs of student athletes, fund an oversea tour, purchase equipment, or hotel accommodations.

What teams do you support and why?
Since I played basketball, I support the men’s program. Since I am in my 41st year coaching a girls’ basketball team, I would be remiss if I didn’t also support the women’s team.

Why do you support Springfield College with monthly gifts versus giving one gift per year?
Using my credit card and giving a monthly gift makes it easy. It’s a one-time arrangement with me and the development office and I will continue to do so.

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