Brandon Eckles, Class of 2018

Men’s Basketball

“In my first two years at Springfield College I have learned to become a better leader, and to lead with passion. Every time I put on the jersey I put all my heart and energy into workouts and games because it is a privilege to play for such a historical program.”

How have you developed as a leader at Springfield College?

The College does a great job at fueling students’ passions. Whether it is sports, arts, or clubs, Springfield looks to support their students to the fullest. Personally, I have become a more versatile leader on campus. I am a junior on the basketball team and a New Student Orientation leader. Both experiences have taught me how to lead differently. From basketball, I have learned to lead with determination and sacrifice. And I lead with enthusiasm and positivity through NSO.

What have you learned on the basketball court that has helped you grow as a person?

Playing college basketball takes a different type of intensity. You need to be consistent. Whether it is an issue on or off the court, you need to be able to address adversity in a healthy way. Basketball teaches you that no matter how bad your game is going, personally, there is still an overarching goal: win the game. Ever since I came to campus, Coach (Charlie) Brock has preached that “when we have 10 guys ready to do their job we will be successful.” That has taught me to be ready to sacrifice personal achievement for team goals. This all comes back to the institution’s philosophy. Committing yourself to others is a part of the Humanics philosophy that is instilled in every student on campus.

As a communications/sports journalism major, what type of experience have you already gained that will prepare you for life as a professional?

As a COSJ major, our professors push us to get as much hands-on experience as possible. In my first two years, I have written dozens of articles for the Springfield Student, done packages for the SCTV3, and even hosted my own radio show. I have completed an internship at the Basketball Hall of Fame, so I already have professional experience, and have set myself a standard for the work I continue to do. I have also connected with so many great people in my field that have come out of the program. Working with student media gave me the confidence to go into the real world and perform the skills I was taught here.


Gabby Anderson, Class of 2017

Women’s Lacrosse

“Being a student as well as an athlete at Springfield has made my college experience very special. The lessons I have learned both in the classroom and on the field are ones I will take with me throughout my life. I have learned the values of being a good teammate and how hard work truly pays off. I feel as if I have grown in spirit, mind, and body during my time here and will cherish the friendships and relationships I have made.”

What did it mean for you to be such a key component of a team that reached the NCAA Sweet 16?

I credit our trip to the Sweet 16 to my teammates and their hard work. Every player had a role in our success this year. From the start of fall ball everyone worked hard and brought the energy to practice so that we were able to accomplish our goals.

Describe how your trip to Puerto Rico benefited your team’s historic season?

Going to Puerto Rico was a great experience for our team. We were able to bond with each other and got to experience a new culture. One of the highlights of the trip was teaching students how to play lacrosse. We also got the chance to play two very competitive teams, Denison University and Stevenson University.

What do you think has been the key for your team to be so consistently successful in your time at Springfield College?

I think the bond that the team shares has allowed us to have success over the past few years. We are all really close off of the field, which allows us to work well together on the field. We also have a really personable coaching staff and the team feels comfortable talking to them about anything.


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