Darren Bennett ’95, G’97 

Tradition, excellence, lifelong friendships, memories, and life lessons. There are so many words and catch phrases that can be used to define my experiences at Springfield College as a student-athlete during my undergrad years. The combination of playing college sports, engaging in academics, and experiencing personal growth, mentally, emotionally, and physically, all mixed into four years, was impactful on me as a total person. The lessons learned from my coaches and teammates on hard work, sacrifice, team expectations, and mindset are invaluable. They have helped me be the person that I am today. The challenges of college were made easier by being on a team and going through the grind with my teammates. They made you laugh and were there when you cried. They were close when you needed them to be and provided space when you needed that as well. My college experiences in the athletic arena prepared me for the challenges in life of being an everyday man, friend, husband,and father.

I am proud to say I was a Springfield College student-athlete.

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