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Emily Uguccioni '06

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Emily Uguccioni '06

Emily Uguccioni '06

Emily Lauder Uguccioni ‘06 would describe her adolescent self as a homebody. She had a small group of friends, rarely went on sleepovers, and mostly stayed home.

When she began to look at colleges, she prioritized academics but she also wanted a place that felt like home, knowing she was going to be leaving her family for the first time. Her instincts about Springfield College proved prescient as it ended up being the place where she met her future husband, Dom Uguccioni ‘08, G’10, and future best friend, Nicole Esteves ‘06.

What she did not expect to find was how much the faculty and staff would feel like family. Thanks to donor support, Springfield College is able to provide students with world-class professionals who go to great lengths to support students like Emily.

A health services administration major, Emily had faculty who would bring healthcare professionals into the classroom to speak about leadership, faculty who would connect Emily to the chief financial officer at Health New England, and faculty who would adjust office hours if Emily was only available to meet at 7 a.m. Her advisor would frequently check in and make sure Emily was getting the most out of her education.

“The faculty and staff supported me and so many of my peers in our individual journeys and were committed to our success. When I talk about people who are dedicated to their students, I cannot think of a better group of people."

Now the executive director at Linda Manor Assisted Living, Emily shows her appreciation by giving back to the Springfield College Fund. Emily made her first gift because, as students, both she and Dom received substantial scholarships to help fund their education.

“I remember the feeling that I had when I got that award letter from the financial aid office and how much that was going to help. We wanted to be able to do that for somebody else,” she said.

Emily and Dom continue to support the Springfield College Fund so that other students will continue to find their path.

“No other higher education institution prioritizes the whole person and supports individual goals like Springfield does. Springfield is special and unique. I felt it in 2002 when I sent in my deposit and I still feel it today,” she said.

Make your gift today.