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Samuel A.E. Headley, PhD, ACSM-RCEP, EIM-3, FACSM 

Samuel A.E. Headley is a clinical exercise physiologist with several years of experience conducting clinical trials. His most current work focuses on the impact of lifestyle interventions (i.e., exercise training along with nutritional modifications) on cardiovascular risk factors (e.g., arterial stiffness) in persons with chronic kidney disease. He also focuses on the impact of exercise training on modifying cardiovascular variables (blood pressure, arterial stiffness, vascular function) in Blacks with hypertension. He is now looking at muscle function in persons with chronic, noncommunicable diseases.

Current Projects

Headley's current projects include:

  • Examining the impact of a prebiotic (resistant starch) on uremic toxins, markers of inflammation, oxidative stress, and vascular function, in predialysis kidney patients

  • Studying muscle function across the spectrum of patients with chronic kidney disease (he is in the process of developing an intervention to improve muscle function in these patients)

Samuel Headley

Samuel Headley


  • Dr. Michael Germain, Nephrologist, in Springfield, Mass.

  • Dr. Gregory Braden, Nephrologist, in Springfield, Mass.

  • Dr. Alp Ikizler, Nephrologist, Vanderbilt University

  • Dr. Quinn Pack, Cardiologist, Baystate Medical Center

  • Donna Chapman, PhD, Dietitian, Connecticut

  • Beth Evans, PhD, Physical Therapist, Springfield College

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National Library of Medicine: Samuel Headley

Jessica Barrett, PhD

The research interests of Jessica Barrett include athletic trainer and student-athlete behavioral health, work-life balance and burnout for athletic trainers and students, challenges facing women athletic trainers working in higher education as well as challenges for females practicing in the field of athletic training. Barrett has engaged in several projects related to formal and informal mentoring aimed at qualitatively describing mentoring relationships. Most recently, her work has focused on cultural competence, behavioral health, the preparation of educators, role balancing in higher education, and challenges facing junior faculty. This work has additionally included an investigation of new faculty socialization, particularly for clinicians from allied health care fields transitioning to positions in higher education.

Current Projects

Barrett’s ongoing projects include:

  • Policy and procedure related to student-athlete behavioral health

  • Investigating learning styles

  • Athletic trainer cultural competence and awareness

Jessica Barrett

Jessica Barrett


  • Christianne Eason, PhD, University of Connecticut

  • Sam Scott, PhD, Southern Connecticut State University

  • Stephanie Singe, PhD, University of Connecticut

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Google Scholar: Jessica Barrett 
ResearchGate: Jessica Barrett

Jasmin Hutchinson, PhD

Jasmin Hutchinson conducts research in the area of exercise behavior. Her primary interests involve perceptual and affective responses to exercise and psychological factors associated with habitual exercise behavior. Hutchinson has particular expertise in the influence of music during exercise and the psychology of endurance performance. Past research projects include the effects of music and music video on affective responses to exercise, the influence of music on exercise recovery, and personality characteristics underlying affective responses to exercise. In 2018, Hutchinson was awarded Paper of the Year from the Society of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology for her work, titled “The influence of self-selected music on affect-regulated exercise intensity and remembered pleasure during treadmill running.” She has also written several book chapters on the topic of perceived effort and exertion.

Current Projects 

Hutchinson's current projects include:

  • Psychological responses to ramped intensity exercise

  • Personalized beat-accented music stimulation for physical activity promotion

  • Improving outcomes from cardiac rehabilitation through exercise testing and individualized exercise intensity prescriptions.

Jasmin Hutchinson

Jasmin Hutchinson


  • Costas Karageorghis, PhD, Brunel University, London, UK

  • Leighton Jones, PhD, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

  • Quinn Pack, MD, Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, Mass.

  • Samuel A. E. Headley, PhD, Springfield College

  • K. Shin Park, PhD, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, N.C.

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ORCID ID: Jasmin Hutchinson

ResearchGate: Jasmin Hutchinson

Matthew Mills, Master of Exercise and Sport Science

Matthew Mills examines the impact of teaching and learning strategies on student learning outcomes, particularly on simulation in health care education. Mills has published and examined the use of various simulation fidelities on various student learning objectives and uses various research methods to gain a greater understanding of the impact of simulation and technology on educational outcomes. He also has an interest in the evaluation and management of injuries to the head, neck, and spine and has worked as part of large multidisciplinary research teams to determine optimal injury diagnoses and management.

Current Projects 

Mills’ current projects include:

  • Exploring the impact of simulation on student self-efficacy and anxiety

  • Examining the impact of musculoskeletal injury on student-athlete performance

  • Examining the use of various technology resources to improve student learning

Matthew Mills

Matthew Mills


  • Richard Ferdig, PhD, Kent State University

  • Enrico Gandolfi, PhD, Kent State University

  • Kimberly Peer, EdD, Kent State University

  • Brett Winston, PhD, Springfield College

  • Jessica Barrett, PhD, Springfield College

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ResearchGate: Matthew Mills

Kathleen Mellano, PhD

Kathleen Mellano’s research revolves around social and motivational processes in youth sport with particular attention to relationships among teammates and other key agents. She has a particular interest in the influence of dyadic and group-level constructs in shaping the quality of athlete experiences. Mellano’s current projects focus on the association between social features of sport and young athletes’ body image perceptions. Past research projects have included exploring the effect of peer relationship profiles on individual variability in how motivational perceptions relate to adaptive and maladaptive psychological outcomes. Other past studies include season-long and meta-analytic investigations into how social agents influence the athlete burnout and engagement experience.

Current Projects

Mellano's current projects include:

  • Examining potential differences in drive for thinness and muscularity profiles on markers of body satisfaction and dissatisfaction

  • Examining the relationship between athletes’ use of social media and perceptions of burnout

Kathleen Mellano

Kathleen Mellano


  • Alan Smith, PhD, Michigan State University
  • Christine Pacewicz, PhD, Saginaw State University
  • Christopher Hill, PhD, California State University, San Bernadino
  • Jasmin Hutchinson, PhD, Springfield College
  • Elizabeth Mullin, PhD, Springfield College

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Google Scholar: Kathleen Mellano 
ORCID ID: Kathleen Mellano 
ResearchGate: Kathleen Mellano

Elizabeth Mullin, PhD

Elizabeth Mullin examines LGBTQ+ inclusion in collegiate sport and physical activity. Mullin has conducted a series of studies to examine the impact of heterosexism among athletes coaches and athletes on team cohesion, motivational climate, and performance. Mullin has also developed and validated measures of heterosexist attitudes in sport. As a quantitative specialist, they also collaborate with a number of faculty at Springfield College and other institutions in allied fields, such as nutrition, physical education, and health.

Current Projects 

Mullin’s current projects include:

  • Examining attitudes of certified mental performance consultants towards working with LGBTQ+ clients

  • Exploring sexual orientation and gender identities in the NCAA  

Springfield College - Elizabeth Mullin

Elizabeth Mullin


  • Meghan Halbrook, PhD, Randolph College

  • Anna Baeth, PhD, Athlete Ally

  • Jennifer Waldron, PhD, Bowling Green University

  • James Leone, PhD, Bridgewater State University

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ORCID ID: Elizabeth Mullin  
Research Gate: Elizabeth Mullin

Luke Pelton, PhD

Luke Pelton broadly focuses on the intersection of anabolic steroid use, reproductive health, and resistance training in advanced populations, such as bodybuilders and powerlifters. As an enthusiast of the research process, Pelton has a keen interest in bridging the gap between research and applied practice, has developed informational content with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) on the importance of dedicated sports science practitioners, and has collaborated as a quantitative research consultant both within and outside of Springfield College. Pelton is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA and serves as the head powerlifting coach of Strong for Life Co., an online coaching business.

Current Projects

Pelton's current projects include:

  • Examining the relationship of training volume and AAS use on the expression of myogenic growth factors in trained iron sport athletes
  • Exploring the many limitations of applying controlled experimental research to real-world settings with advanced trainees
Luke Pelton - Springfield College

Luke Pelton


  • Elizabeth Mullin, PhD, Springfield College

  • Nicholas Coker, PhD, Springfield College

  • Samuel Headley, PhD, Springfield College

  • Jasmin Hutchinson, PhD, Springfield College

  • Eric McMahon, National Strength and Conditioning Association

  • Mary Stenson, PhD, St. John's University

  • Jamie Ghigiarelli, PhD, Hofstra University

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ResearchGate: Luke Pelton