Human Performance Lab - Presentations | Springfield College
UMASS Department of Kinesiology 2024
Samuel HeadleyThe Impact of Lifestyle Interventions in the Treatment of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease          
National Strength and Conditioning Association 2021
Mary Kate FeitBeyond Sets and Reps: Creating, Mastering, and Evaluating your Coaching Behaviors
Adam FeitAutonomy Support Coaching: A New Perspective on Training Athletes
Mary Kate Feit, Adam Feit, Brian Thompson, and Maura BerganCareer Connection -  How to Foster a Quality Internship Curriculum
New England Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine 2020
Stephen MarisIncorporation of Tai Chi in The Prevention, Treatment, and Management of Chronic Disease: Transferring Research to Practice
Mary Kate FeitTechnology Use in Strength and Conditioning
Maura BerganTraining the Female Athlete: Injury Prevention and Performance Across the Lifespan
Jasmin Hutchinson, Kathleen Mellano, and Elizabeth MullinThe relationship between physical activity and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic
Clinical Exercise Physiology Association 2020
Brian ThompsonDesigning a Functional Strength Training Program
Michael Bruneau JrGetting Better Together: Strengthening the Dementia Partnership with Resistance Exercise Training
Association for Applied Sport Psychology 2020
Jasmin Hutchinson and Elizabeth MullinHow Does She Do it? Women in Academia Share their Unique Stories about Finding their Way in Sport Psychology
Adam FeitThe Use of Sport Psychology Techniques in Collegiate Strength and Conditioning
Zachary BryantAn Investigation of Swing from the Perspective of Rowing Coaches: A Case Study
Emily Jakob and Jasmin HutchinsonThe Psychological Effects of Taper on Nonprofessional Ironman Triathletes
Elizabeth Mullin, Allison Grace, and Caitlin HaworthValidation of the Sexual Prejudice in Sport Scale in the United States
Elizabeth Mullin and Caitlin HaworthHegemonic Masculinity Through the Social Media of Major League Baseball
Massachusetts Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation 2020
Jasmin HutchinsonAffective responses to acute exercise: theoretical underpinnings and implications for exercise adherence
New England Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine 2019
Brent MombIntradialytic Exercise Increases Cardiac Output Index
Michelle StehmanComparing the Physiological Differences Between Sexes Drinking to Thirst Versus Drinking to a Generic Schedule
Dina PitsasPrediction of 400 meter Running Performance Variables in Division III Track and Field Athletes
Emily MieleThe effects of exogenous ketone ester supplementation on exercise capacity and hemodynamic response to exercise in type II DM versus non Diabetics
Jess SudockInfluence of exercise induced hypohydration and fluid restriction on time trial endurance performance
Samuel HeadleyThe Impact of Lifestyle Interventions in Persons with Chronic Kidney Disease
Jill RoachEffect of Kettlebell Exercise on Blood Pressure and Arterial Stiffness in Males with High Blood Pressure
Elizabeth O’Neill and Maura BerganDiastasis Recti: Is Surgery the Only Option?
Tracey MathewsWalking the Walk: Active Transportation to Meet PA Guidelines
National Strength and Conditioning Association 2019
Brian ThompsonA Systematic Approach to Developing Strength and Conditioning Coaches
Mary Kate FeitMaximizing the Mentorship Process with an intern Program
Adam FeitSharpening the Mental Edge: The Use of Sport Psychology Techniques in Strength and Conditioning