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Springfield College Social Media

Springfield College embraces and encourages the opportunities social media offers for publicity and engagement with the greater community. These platforms can be a great tool to promote our offices, departments, organizations, or teams. In addition to the primary accounts run by the Office of Marketing, the Springfield College community features many accounts for departments, programs, clubs, and teams that work together to promote and expand the Springfield College brand across a variety of platforms. Be sure to check out your areas of interest and follow along for updates and relevant content. 

The Office of Marketing aids departments, offices, and clubs in following consistent guidelines through assistance with social media development and advice on best practices. Our goal is to serve as a resource to faculty and staff members and to ensure each account is running smoothly and promoting Springfield College while following a strategic communications plan. 

Do you administer a social media account for Springfield College? Official Springfield College accounts must be registered with the Office of Marketing. Please register your accounts by emailing marketing@springfield.edu. Student-run accounts should be registered through the Office of Student Activities by contacting Julie Koivisto at jkoivisto@springfield.edu

Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices 

Social Media Administrator Resources

Social Media Commenting and Posting Policy

Getting Started

Publishing Under the Springfield College Name

If you’re launching a social media profile bearing the Springfield College name, you’re required to follow the guidelines below.

Contact the Office of Communications to create your account.

We can help get you set up with best practices, and we also like to know which accounts exist.

Student-run clubs or organizations do not need to alert the Office of Communications of their accounts.

Take responsibility for the account(s).

Your office or department will be responsible for the maintenance, monitoring, and posting on your account. This includes responding to any messages or other notifications that your account receives in a timely manner (no more than 48 hours). A member of the Office of Communications will contact administrators of accounts that are not maintaining this standard to assess if the account is still a viable resource. If your account(s) become dormant, the Office of Communications reserves the right to delete the page.

Be mindful of your posts, which represent Springfield College.

Just as you wouldn’t use objectionable language or discuss internal politics in the workplace, you also should avoid sharing these things on your Springfield College-affiliated accounts. All Springfield College profiles will be considered an extension of the official College website, and most guidelines that apply to the website will also apply to social media. Student and employee codes of conduct will apply.

Use proper spelling and grammar.

It’s important to use proper spelling and grammar as well and, when possible, follow the Springfield College editorial guidelines.

Be active.

We ask that social media accounts remain active all year around, including in the summer. Here are our recommendations for posting during the academic year.

  • Facebook: 2-5 times per week
  • Twitter: 1-3 times per day
  • Instagram: 2-5 times per week
  • Instagram Stories: No more than 10 stories per day

Here are our recommendations for posting during the summer.

  • Facebook: 1-3 times per week
  • Twitter: 1-2 times per day
  • Instagram: 1-3 times per week
  • Instagram Stories: No more than 10 stories per day

Do not post personal information.

Do not post proprietary information about Springfield College, including information about students, alumni, or employees. Be aware that all College and legal guidelines, such as FERPA, are also applicable on social media.

However, sharing basic information about your office or department, such as the main phone number or office location, is encouraged.

Do not post photos of children under the age of 18 unless you have written consent.

Please note that this includes photos taken in schools and otherwise. If you share the photo from another page, or if you’ve found the photos in the official Springfield College asset management system or on the official Springfield College Flickr page, that’s OK to post.

Exercise common courtesy in regards to the content—photos and videos especially—that is shared.

We know it’s not always possible to get permission from students on campus before photos are shared, but in general, if you can ask, please do.

Additionally, we ask that you be mindful of sharing photos from events that may be deemed sensitive or private. For example, if you are volunteering at a homeless shelter, please refrain from taking and posting photos of the individuals who are utilizing these services. In general, be kind and be mindful.

Full-time employee members that are connected to the office or department in which the page represents should be an administrator on every account.

This helps make sure we have access to the account at all times. If the individual who was on the page leaves the College, it is the responsibility of the office or department to find and add another person to the page. (If you have any questions, email social@springfieldcollege.edu.)

Keep comments positive.

Official Springfield College profiles are not to be used as forums in which to post negative or critical comments towards the College, its administrators, its employees, or its students.

Content should be related to Springfield College.

Feel free to promote official College activities. However, you may not fundraise, advertise, or sell products or services that are not part of official Springfield College-approved activities and business.

Setting Up Your Profile

Be sure to fill out your profile out completely. This means including a contact number, information about your entity, hours (if applicable), and/or relevant links to the website if needed.

Your avatar image and cover image should also be complete. See below for further instructions. 

Avatar and Cover Photos


Users may be following multiple Springfield College social media accounts across multiple platforms. For users to easily distinguish between accounts, the maroon, red, and white logo is reserved for the official accounts only.

You may use the maroon and white Gulick triangle or you may select a photo of your own choosing, so long as it is appropriate and related to your profile.

Download the maroon and white Gulick triangle »

Cover Photos

Cover photos must relate to your department, program, office, or Springfield College in general.


Usernames should be as simple and concise as possible. If you are launching on multiple platforms (Facebook and Twitter, for example), try to keep your name as consistent as possible so users can easily find you. 


  • Facebook Page Name: Springfield College Department of Music
  • Facebook Username: scmusic
  • Twitter: scmusic
  • Instagram: scmusic


What is a Hashtag?     
A hashtag is the most common and effective way to group content on social media. Linking to other relevant information that uses it increases the content's discoverability. Looking for the best #hashtag to use with your post to make sure you're reaching the right audience? Take a scroll through our list of top Springfield College hashtags and how to use them.


We use this as our primary hashtag to promote the college. When addressing a larger group of Springfield College supporters, Pride and Spirit fans, as well as instructors, staff, alumni, and students, use this.


Our new tagline -”Keep Moving” hashtag can be used when talking about the brand, campus, students, faculty, activities and to promote the Springfield College brand overall.


Use when sharing about the Springfield College motto or highlighting the brand.


Used when highlighting success stories about Springfield College positive impact in and around our local communities, This content can be research,     
public service, education.


The official hashtag of Springfield College athletics. Use this when posting about our sports teams or showing off SC pride.


Use this hashtag when highlighting the inventor of basketball, college sports history, basketball sporting activities. Use in posts with photos of the statue on the Naismith green.


Use this hashtag to highlight the Springfield College history, the inventor of basketball. It     
can be used to spotlight the Springfield College difference encouraging students to become a part of history when applying.


Springfield College is located on Alden Street, it can be used in any post or comment that mentions students, activities in relation to the college on Alden Street.


Use for coverage of students involved or engaging in community services, projects Springfield College students/faculty/staff participation. Use when highlighting content about the Springfield College philosophy and community impact     


Use this hashtag when highlighting sports teams, activities, events, happening at the Blake Arena.


Use this hashtag when posting and highlighting Rookie our therapy, comfort dog.


This hashtag is useful when posting about our William Simpson Fine Arts series, art exhibits, performances, shows and all content related to the WIlliam Blizzard Gallery.


Use when posting all content related to our East Campus adventures.


Used to support Springfield College Giving Day, foundations and fundraising campaigns.


Use this hashtag for admission related content. Accepted students posts, admit day, open house and incoming students content.


Use this when sharing content from the Springfield College Triangle Magazine and Blog.


Use when highlighting recipes from top campus dining hall foods and to spotlight the various eateries around all of our campuses.


Use for posts mentioning day of recruitment.