Application Instructions

To apply to Pre-Camp, submit a personal statement to help us better understand who you are and why you want to attend Pre-Camp.

Respond to the following question in any way you want. For example, send us a short essay, poem, collage, drawing, song, or photograph, which can be submitted on an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper, CD/DVD, or emailed to

  • Show us your favorite page of your life story

We understand that summer is a very busy time for you, but a simple personal statement that shows some thought and communicates your desire to attend Pre-Camp is all we’re looking for. Please feel free to be yourself and include any additional information that you would like to share with us (hobbies, sports, most memorable experience, etc.).

Important Information

  • With your personal statement, please include a cover page with your name, home address, cell number, email address, and your Springfield College ID number.
  • Remember that the deadline to apply to Pre-Camp is Monday, July 13.

Please send your personal statement and information to:

Pre-Camp 2020
Office of Student Activities and Campus Union
Springfield College
263 Alden Street
Springfield, MA 01109